Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shit i'm bored. i really ought to make new friends..but what is the point.

i'm somewhat sore because i did some cardio yesterday and i haven't done actual cardio in a long while lol. this gut is pissing me offfff. i don't know my current body fat percentage but the last time i checked it was 13%...eesh. i'm determined to lose atleast 5% or atleast noticeable flattening of my stomach.

i bought 3 shirts from threadless last week, forgot to put it in my last post. it came pretty fast..if you buy 3 shirts its sent via USPS instead of UPS so shipping is cheaper by like 1$~ish...i'm tempted to buy 3 more...but yeah..must refraini'm also tempted to buy a cap from karmaloop since it'd be like 8$ total but i'm scared about the cap size hahah. i measured my head and apparently i'm a LARGE or a ONE SIZE head LOL!! -__-.

(continues to waste away)


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