Saturday, September 26, 2009


feels like such a busy week for me, this week for some reason..but then when i reflect upon it..its like how i regularly go about but i have some important assignments and tests to concentrate on. also i had to go to school while recovering from post oral surgery swelling...ugh. mentally & physically exhausted.

finally i have time to blog..on fridays i have to stay at school longer than usual because of english lab, which i absolutely dread but since the lab is experimenting with our lab class, i only have to show up every other week. i do the assignments online on weeks i don't have to show up, so i only have to show up a total of 7 times..6 more togo. i did an assessment on my grammar skills last week, the results were awful and laugh worthy. so so sad LOL during english lab i basically volunteered myself to get one on one help with a professor and i ended up waiting most of the time and had like a 5 minute lecture about making clearer topics to support my thesis..oi. this chick working at the lab complimented one of the shirts i got from threadless, wonder if she just said it because i look like i'm 17 or something..

after i was free from lab i had my hands full of papers and one of those reusable grocery bags that held my laptop and plugs inside with some other text junk. i ended up finding a empty stairway to stop and throw all my shit down to sort out and then proceeded to walk to the parking lot so i can drive to the oral surgeon for my post surgery check up. i drove home first to get some insurance cards JUST incase, but i didn't need them after all. After waiting for like a good 10-15 minutes, i waited even longer in the "recovery" room waiting for the DR to come examine my sockets and asked if i had any complications, i've been feeling good since yesterday...once i got the OK to leave i could FINALLY eat lunch. DAMN. i went to in and out and the drive thru was SOOOO one was outside taking the orders which sucked major balls, i also had no soda at home (thanks to my obese little brother) so i was kind of forced to get myself a large coke. i only have 5$ in my wallet right now *tear* i have a paycheck on my table but i like to wait until i have 2 checks since i make so little.

my boss randomly told me that he decided to give me a raise this week. which was not how i was expecting to be notified, so i had the stupidest reply..something along the lines of "thanks? i don't really know what to say" lol. and mrs. boss was like "its ok, that just means he likes you" and then i go back to making a copy of an answer key for myself. yesterday i asked my coworker who got hired the same time i did if she got a raise as well and she didn't :O..imagine it's just like a measly quarter..what is the point of telling me unless it's like some legal obligation. that same day i also got a boba from this nice peace officer dude who likes to visit my workplace all the day..i wasn't suppose to drink out of a straw but i did anyway...and my face was pretty sore for the rest of the evening @_@. school kids are also selling fundraiser chocolate and stuff...i can only buy so much chocolate and reject so many people without feeling some guilt HUHU!

dealing with annoying students are also a pain in the ass because you want to be nice because you were once like them but at the same time nothing gets done BECAUSE you are nice. ugh fml. especially when i have to constantly threaten kicking out a certain student out of the classroom if he didn't stop fooling around, even after having him sit next to me. "i'm doing my concentration dance!" dammmn so ain't funny, constantly replies to other people aren't even talking to you is annoying as well. being a teacher has its good and bad ugh..that day was a bad. So far i don't want to have my own class because all the responsibilities and crap i'd have to do.. on top of my school work. aye...but working with school children has it's fun and cute side that makes me enjoy my dull life.

shiitt i type alot. so anyway, a little buddy of mine who i pick up from school played with the camera on my phone, the shutter speed sucks on it warps all my pictures if i don't hold my phone still...and you can tell he didn't hold it still lol.

coworker on the top right. not me. there was a pic of my swollen face though lol but decided not to put it in the collage

other kids are pretty crafty too...they found out i had frames in the camera..

i had more to type..can't really remember right now. i want to change my profile pic but can't seen to take a decent picture. eh. i'd also like to eat out with friends more often...especially since i can eat normally again!...= _ =~


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