Monday, October 26, 2009

ecck. i should be doing my hw but english teacher is like so nice and stuff that it makes me think its okay that i don't do it..HEH!

been meaning to blog but i don't really have anything to blog about besides personal crap. i haven't bought anything besides gas for my car (and my parents' cars).

sooo i've been ditching my statistics course because i've lost all hope in passing with a satisfactory grade, i'll be officially withdrawing from it next week and taking it at another community college. i really should have checked ratemyprofessor and took the advice from this girl i know but that professor was the ONLY professor teaching it that semester, so i thought "how hard can it be!",...lame ass shit. SO YEAH.

my sleeping schedule hasn't gotten any better. some days i sleep to little, other days i sleep too much. oi fml, but i get through.

i got my haircut..finally. your typical asian guy cut. i don't have the patience to grow and maintain a long hairstyle. sooo this is my hair on a good hair day. when i don't do it and just get out of the shower, i look like will smith in the REALLY early episodes of fresh prince. haha..or that one episode of sister sister, where they had to use ray's limo service to pick up this one celeb to take them to their house party to be cool..yeah..
fucking around with my desktops webcam is fun! i abandoned it for awhile since i got my laptop but wow! haha i look so fake and better! LOLLL

so yeah i've been trying to get in shape again, i got this beachbody workout series called "insanity with shaun t" or something and its basically like football drills and kick your ass into shape in 60 days but i'm not expecting much, i just want a better chest, tighter stomach, bigger arms..i'll probably stop after a month depending on how i'm doing academically, eh. i'm set on buying two 25lb dumbbells as well. to commit to getting better arms and chest! AHH!! i haven't bought any new clothes even after donating a alot of old clothes from my closet, also donated a bunch of old toys, dolls, and children's books..go me..nothing has really caught my eye, look and pricewise.

i ran out of whey protein today, packin the protein and more disgusting chocolate flavored powdered crap with for a new flavor to get sick of! going to walmart tommorow after work to buy more and a new bathroom scale.

i'd post pictures of my sickly, post workout, eczema covered body as a push to continue working out but yeah...maybe after week 3.

so to end tonights blog. where the fuck is my copy of windows7! fuckin lenovo!!..well they haven't charged my card upon my release, so its cool if i never get it but still.


  1. ohh i like your hair! looks nice.
    i only went to the one near my school. i was about to go to the santa anita one, but i figured they`d only want people who can work on the weekdays.

  2. - Same here, my sleep cycle is effed up
    - Nice haircut!
    - I want a Mac, but so expensive...
    - I got sick and actually gained 2 lbs. fml
    - Why is life so boring lately??