Friday, October 2, 2009

october already.

so it's officially been one year since i've been at my current job. amazing hahah. i didn't even last 2.5 months at my first job...slaving away for a bankrupt retail chain called mervyns, under the supervision of this fat, dumb, greasy haired, ass kissing bitch but i am much happier now. though being a full time student and working tires me out like no other... i found out how much my raise was, 50 cents! i get paid a whopping 8.75$/hour now. haha.

i've been napping after work waking up between 11pm-12am, i eat and shower and try to read or do whatever school work i have for class til' about 3:30 ish and sleep again..waking up at 8am to begin another day..augh...don't even have time to exercise T__T and even if i do make time for it, i won't get enough rest to heal...

so anyway. chicago will not be the host of the 2016 summer olympics. ouch, what a blow to the american ego. lol

it will be in rio de janeiro. the first time the olympics will be held in south america. cool beans.

crazy storm hit south east asia, dust storm in australia, earth quakes in somoa and indonesia...99% chance of a huge quake hitting california in the next 30 years...HMMM.

hmm bored.
a kid made my laptop fall to the ground yesterday at work...he tripped on the charger brick and dragged the wire along with the laptop to the ground _ _;;...i died a little inside...but i have to forgive and forget...sigh* the cap for the speaker popped out but i super glued it back when i got home, everything else seems fine... = _ =...and that is why teachers don't like kids crowding around their desk.


  1. I would be so mad if somebody broke my laptop.

  2. I got my laptop around the same time frame. It's my birthday present that I bought. *pets*

  3. Personally I think Rio De Janiero deserves it. Everyone is saying how shocking it was that Chicago was eliminated the first round, but really, c'mon.

  4. rio deserves it all the way, that's where all the hot models are from anyway hahahah. the US has had like 4 summer olympics and like 1 winter anyway...though the los angeles's olympic memorial park is pretty dam sad looking compared to beijing's olympic village. lol