Tuesday, October 6, 2009

which key players of the obama admin have the most influence over the direction of US foreign policy in iraq?

i am so confused right now.. i want to say hillary clinton and
Secretary Robert M. Gates but i have a feeling that isn't right, especially when hillary was for the war and i just chose gates because he's the head of the dept. of defense. oi.

maybe i should ask my professor tommorow...

so anyway trying to be a good student and getting some reading and study guide done..but eh..tired.

some good music to listen to.
jasmine- sad to say, recommended by stephanie

shota shimizu- home, this song is kind of old..i barely started listening to him

tired. can't wait til' friday.

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  1. nice default pic :)

    bf/hubby is the same person lol i just call him diff things sometimes. manna sounds good! i totally forgot i wanted to try that place out! :D