Monday, November 2, 2009


ahh. --crap i pushed enter and it published a post--

man i need to make a new layout. getting kind of bored of this one..

i didn't really do anything for halloween, i went to costco with my mum to get the tires for the camry changed because the tires don't grip onto the road very well, so for our safety we got them changed. 53k miles on them should be about right...judging by everyones pictures on facebook, everyone seemed to have a dandy time...maybe i'll participate next year...

i bought an electronic scale last monday! mainly for my fat ass brother but also for myself, along with some gross ass tasting whey protein...that i'll have to finish...i'll jus stick with chocolate or vanilla flavor next time. FML for choosing cookies and cream -___-!

i'm currently 143-146lbs in my underwear +2-5lbs with clothes @ 12-13% bodyfat...must work off 3% AHHHH. my 17 yr old brother on the other hand is 181lbs @ 22% body fat LOL -__- almost 1/4 of his weight is fat..sad. atleast he's trying to get thinner by graduation.

hmm i need a is a picture of my mother trying to dress's like a black rain pancho with leggings..or lee jiah's character in beethoven virus...with a bob.

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  1. ahh i love your mom`s haircut! haha she looks very hip!!