Sunday, November 15, 2009


bored. i shall be starting on my 10 page paper on the book "the J curve" later, it is due on thursday and i want to get atleast 2 pages done today argh! *stab*

i didn't really do much this week, hm i bought 25lb dumbbells at walmart and my printer fucking died. since i wanted to get the most out of our money, costco usually sells good products for a much cheaper price and ended up getting lectured by my mom about money. it's not my fault the printer died. i did offer to pay since i do have a job but you know..a mother always wants to provide for her for thanksgiving i told the family that i'll be buying dinner for everyone, a wonderful idea pitched by andrew to get me out of feeling guilty.

139$-- i wanted the cheapest canon model they had since my piece of junk HP one died but i couldn't find it! this was the only canon printer i found...went with a canon because they have good reviews in terms of reliability, don't fail on me now!!

it's pretty bomb! i like how it has a paper tray so you don't need to put paper in a feeder, the tray makes it more sleek. you can also make copies from the top like a copy machine! so i don't need to use the scanner unless you want to scan 2 things and put it on one paper or something. i also like the wireless feature, i networked my laptop and my desktop to the printer so i can just print it from my room!! awesome...and it is connected to my brother's computer via usb but i think i'll move the printer to my room later and have his computer connected to it via wifi as well so it'll just be standing alone somewhere! and the most awesome thing? when you print, the door opens and drops by itself!! hahah

technology is so great but it also pisses people off..ehhhh

after waking up today and quickly brushing my teeth and eating some dumplings, my brother and i were off to get our h1n1 vaccination at the local park. the lame thing was that they didn't allow minors to enter unless they had their parents with them. so even people who are legal with their siblings had to call their parents or grandparents to come over , so i had to call my mom to walk over and it was the longest 20 minutes of my life. i was sitting on the sidewalk trying to read the J curve while waiting but much as i love reading about the flaws that other countries gets boring. so my mom came and we got in and lined up. it went pretty fast because i was smart enough to go later in the day, even though i took the risk of possibly not getting the vaccine. i got the vaccine in about an hour :) they ran out of the nasal vaccine so i had to get the a little pinch...just look away from the needle...

i dont know why my hand looks huge and really fat

after the shot, my mom, brother and i walked home and settled for a couple minutes. my mom and i then went grocery shopping, i saw a harmony tree student at the the most random spot. we were just like O_O and the little 2nd grader is like OMG GO AWAYYY GO AWAYYYY and then she runs to her dad and asks if she could leave already. hahah..usually it's me that is hiding my face.

ok. start on 10 page paper nao.


  1. Hahahaha my hand always looks huge and fat in pictures too, even though I don't think (at least I hope) it doesn't look that way irl.

    Gosh, I miss living at home and being able to have dumpling for breakfast...