Thursday, November 26, 2009

on a mission.

i'm on a mission to look this hot, badass, and fit.

too bad i still have the face of a the time i look older i'll be in my early thirties.

i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since i finished my 10 page paper on 'the J curve' by ian bremmer. i typed 11 pages but it could have been longer, 14 pages with cover page and works cited, i felt like i rushed the end and i only reread it once before going to bed for a couple of hours and then going to school to see if my professor was around to take it...but he wasn't so i ended up having it put in his mailbox through the social science department office. i also emailed a copy of it to him because of my paranoia.

well anyway, it is thanksgiving in the US...why we give thanks on this day i do not know...i don't think it has anything to do with native americans and i am too lazy to do some research

tonight i took my family to a korean restaurant for dinner, surprisingly it wasn't crowded. it was probably the first time my parents have ever eaten something that wasn't chinese,vietnamese, or from a fastfood joint. atleast in my 20 years of living, never have i seen them eat something culturally different (besides tacobell? which is sort of mexican, but mexican is part of california culture?..confusing myself). i didn't take pictures..but yeah typical kbbq place. my little brother had a bitchfit on the way there, so dinner wasn't the most for all 4 of us 76$ something, which i paid for + tip, so i paid like 80 something dollars for all of us..what a good son i am..

my outfit for today, i look like a pissed off fuckaaa. i really should have cropped out my toilet, but ah watever..i need more belts and buckles... my room now has hard laminated floors...which i kind of like and hate at the same time...atleast i got to do lots of cleaning and re-arranging.

my acne is coming back...ahh..but eh whatever i'm to lazy to even give a crap to try and correct the problem...

so anyway, i've been splurging on far since i've last blogged i've bought...a 15lb dumbbell so i can have a set of 15lb weights, a paper shredder (to shred bank statements and junk mail), clothes and some missha stuff. purchase

97$...which CHASE put 2 pending charges of the same amount on my card...which freaked the shit out of me AND NOW BOTH CHARGES am i getting these clothes for free?...i got shipping confirmation days ago...and i did not sign up for that chase pays for random purchases thing. it'd be a blessing if i do get them for free though, i bet i'll see the charge later.

missha emailed me about their 40% off coupon..gave into temptation and got myself
-2 tubs of hairwax (one in mega hold and one in ultra hold [hope they work well and is matte])
-perfect cover bb cream in natural beige for like 8$ for my mom
-some face stuff for me
-the guy bb cream..
i don't know what else but it was like 40 something dollars$ and no tax. yey

tommorow is black friday...big shopping day, but eh never really participated in the tradition.
i'd love new computer parts though so i can build an awesome windows7 desktop. i need to buy more whey protein tommorow though, i'm out of that disgusting cookies and cream flavored whey, now for vanilla!

왜 이렇게 나 혼자 아파!!!!!!
why do i have to face the pain alone..or maybe it's why am i hurting like this alone..
god i need to get better at korean :E, afterschool's new song is frackin awesome and nassun's rap zombie.


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