Saturday, December 12, 2009

bored. going to type some crap before i workout,then shower, and then try and finish my world politics & oceanography final, so i can just do nothing on monday besides go to work.

i've always wanted to take a picture of my first workplace, sadly it took 2 years for me to remember to...well atleast the sign is still there and lit up bahaha~

so anyway...err i was too lazy to go to an electronic waste collection day so there is still this huge box with a dead printer in my brother's room (heheh). i also have this stereo i want to get rid of but it is in a closet somewhere. i also took a nap after class and didn't go to this other CC i'm planning to attend in the i'll go on monday morning to clear a pre req to take one of their classes.

i received 3 lenses a couple days ago, 1 unexpected extra pair..didn't find my package on my bed until like 5am because my retarded brother likes to toss my packages on my just waiting on one more pair. the seller somehow messed up my order so the prescription for my left eye is off by 0.25 but i tried them on and i can see just fine, hoorah. well anyway these are my first lenses that isn't brown..i look like a cat as usual yet i felt cool at the same time~. as an apology for the mishap, the seller sent me an extra pair of lenses as a sorry gift, so i got a pair of black lenses too! i haven't opened them though, i'm a happy camper.

they're dueba ms 3 tone gray or some shit...or...type u gray..or something, i don't really know..i threw away the bottles and i could care, just that one pair is more blue and the other is more gray. i don't even know why i'm posting pictures because my skin is eer not at its best.

it is pacloot redeeming? redemption? time.

Merchandise: $59.99
PacLoot Discount:- $25.00
Standard Shipping: FREE
Tax: $3.41
Total: 38.40$



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