Wednesday, December 16, 2009


finally free, a week later after all the california universities have been out...well anyway..
i hope i can snag a statistics class at east la college, it's probably one of the only things holding me back from transferring...hopefully economic stimulus will help with the amount of acceptances at UCs in fall 010...if not eh watevs~ CSU for me..

now i can sleep in for like 1.5 months. woo..except i have work this week and after the local school district's winter break. booo~

i'm going to gather the balls to check my finalized grades on friday..hopefully all my professors will do it via blackboard.

i have a problem staying up till' 4am even though i don't need to, so yesterday i slept in till last minute (about 9:30...then drive to school and get to class before 10:15) where i just brush my teeth really well & rinse my face with water and HELLA run to school. i caught my polisci professor leaving our classroom and walking to his office so i was speed walking like a mofo~ i caught him to turn in my final and he was like "i was wondering where you were peter~ i think you may actually get an A in this class" and i was like "really?? yay *big smile*" and then was like "seeya around" and went to turn in my oceanography final and then proceded home after.

today i just went to english class to write a prompt and left.

on sunday i went to eaton canyon with anna "to hike" but it was more like a short walk back and forth a couple times. i went for extra credit, i dont think i'll be getting much points because my paper was mostly ranting and less of how rocks from the mountains eventually becomes sediment as it travels downstream.

we were too pussy to cross the river in fear of getting our shoes we didn't get to go to the waterfall lol and look out into the city..the river is usually dry but it had rained and i never knew it carried so much water..

so anyway i am tired. maybe new entry on saturday

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