Sunday, December 20, 2009


being the oldest child sucks.

my useless, hopeless, lazy ass little brother has had the most discouraging grades ever. he could have totally asked me for advice throughout the years of highschool and failed to do so. i've always gave my opinion in how he could have ranked better amongst his class, but NOPE.

he's FAILING 3rd year CHINESE, hello?? we are freaking chinese.. it's not like we all speak english at home either. i also don't care if D is considered passing, D's aren't acceptable. how embarassing is it to know that my brother may not graduate by walking across stage with his graduating class??? (he has also failed or got D's previously, i just don't remember what other subjects)

on top of that

my brother, mom, and i went to costco and since it's the holidays it has extended hours but the food court is busy as can be. my mom left my brother to buy food by himself as we got some groceries. as we were going to the register my mom was like "stay here, i'm going to check if your brother came in or is outside" and i was like "don't, there is no way he can get in and you're not going to get back inside" AND SHE FUCKING CONTINUES TO WALK OUT THE GODDAM DOOR!..and then you see her and my brother at the door trying to get back in and in my head i was like "what did i just say??"...SIGH! i fucking push the cart against the wall and walk the fuck towards the exit and was going to be like "hand me your fucking membership, i'll pay for this shit myself" but the exit chick was like "if she the membership holder" and shit, so i argued my way back to get her in. i'm not fucking stupid i know that technically "you are closed" and she "exited" BUT OKAY MY MOM IS STUPID, i'm (not) sorry !

so one listens to me...i don't care if i make my parents look bad and talk to them in a rude/ not so respective way. i don't live in fucking communist china, so i am not a conservative chinese. i have my opinions and i can be outspoken.