Tuesday, December 8, 2009

going back to the corner, where i first saw you

i'm gonna camp in my sleeping bag, i'm not gonna move.
'cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be
Thinkin maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet
And you'll see me waiting for you on our corner of the street
So I'm not moving...

hmmm i feel like such a hopeless romantic..but eer yeah
it was the song for the 'enchanted forest' theme of the VS fashion show 09. been playing it ever since i found the title and artist of the song. it's even my bg song..haha.

it was raining! actual rain...hours and hours of it.
i want to nap but i have work in like 40 minutes. eek...the rain has taken a pause, which is good because i don't want to be running with my little kiddies to my car. i am so cold U_U. on my way home from class, i went to subway to buy food and this subaru went into a flooded part of the street and a HUGE chunk of water flew into the air and hit my car. it was kinda cool LOLL i closed my eyes for a sec but i didn't do anything like swerve (thank god)

i went to the dentist on friday to have my 3 month check up and after the plaque wash, i barely saw any pink! woot~ except a bit where my teeth are crooked and snaggly~ No new cavities (and i guess no orthodontist referral). After my cleaning I drove home and tried to get that taste out of my mouth, my mouth smelled like a fish tank or something..dragged my brother to get boba with me and to go to the mall to return my cardigan. got 11$ back and went to see if there was anything that caught my eye in the guy section at f21 but nope~

rushed home to drop my brother off and start the installation of windows7 on my ideapad. i then rushed to work for our december staff meeting...blah i hate who i got for my secret santa..but it is kind of private matters...all you can know is that i bought this for 29$ something total

and that i'm probably going to keep it for myself now..and will be gifting something else to my (whatever the hell the receiver is called)

well anyway my laptop runs windows7 now but the only downside of it, is that currently my webcam is dead even with the drivers..not even skype can recognize my webcam so yeah..not that i use it often anyway. the battery time estimator thing is also kind of wonky, i don't really notice any increase in battery life.

so anyway i hate how i'm skinny (no chest or back) and how i'm fat (no abs) at the same time....why can't i be one of those stick thin skinny people lolll, it'd be easier to start working out with

dam my love for fastfood...and soda...>_>...anyway must not be lazyyyyy.
must look so hot that everyone wished they were my friend in highschool. haha~

i got an A on my 11 page paper on the j curve...wooo even though he could tell i rushed the end..but hey i need sleep.. -O-!

i have 2 prompts for my international relations class final where i have to type atleast 5 pages each, 1 presentation which isn't the final but i need to get cracking on it because it is on wednesday..where i will presenting about our failure to invest in green technology and show innovative ways of how certain countries are trying to combat global warming..., a oceanogprahy final where i can write up a cheat sheet for (YEY), and a write up for english..i practically don't really have to study... :)

weird of me to say but i find writing papers kind of fun.

well anyway i am freezing my ass off, going to shower since i didn't shower last night because i'm so tired from work. i have class in roughly 1 hour. eck


  1. papers are fun, if you know what you`re talking about haha and is interested in that topic :)

  2. Dudeeee, those pillowcases are so cute!!!