Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 09, hello 010

dear online journal,

i've caught a cold since my last entry. eff' well i don't feel that horrible, it just hurts to sneeze. i'm going to down nyquil so much that it'll go away like nothingggg..
i've also pedegg'd my feet, so ready for the new year! hahah!...
i'm going to turn 21 in roughly 45 days....kind of depressing.

so yeah...resolutions
-gain around 8 or more so lbs, in muscle mass of course. not like some dumbass that wants to just see their weight go up because they whine about being skinny. currently around 151~lbs, last year i was 142~ish...woo woo. weight goal: keep finding time to work out!
-finish up community college and get ready to transfer the hell out!! i've said to a couple people that if i get accepted into UCLA, that i'll get a mugen grill for my CRV...let's see if that'll happen *shifty eyes*...if not i'll probably end up somewhere local, i like my job too much to leave...
-so that get accepted part means...write an amazing personal statement
-continue to get good grades
-go out more?...(lol)
-to not add the word 'like' in almost all my sentences
-there is probably more i can't think of but i'll add to it, if i remember to

it is already the new year but i clicked 'new post' and didn't get around typing. it's 330am eh..
the day before yesterday i finally got around watching sophie's revenge, a joint korea-china movie that stars zhang ziyi [cn], so ji sub [kr], fan bing bing [cn], peter ho [tw?], and apparently alot of other famous chinese actors that i don't know but my mother seems to.

it's a romantic comedy/chick flick about a comic book writer? who was going to get married but some shit happened and she basically tells her story through a comic book...that kind of gives away a huge part of the movie but love stories can only be written in so many different ways before you can start to predict everything that happens...well anyway, i like watching romantic comedies, so i liked the movie. i got kind of lost during the middle because i wasn't sure if 'sophie' was imagining things or it was really happening but i got it towards the end. it's a nice movie to watch if you want to feel all warm, fuzzy, and happy in the end.

today i woke up and found that my mother didn't have to work, so i drove us to the same MCDs that stood me up on christmas (i drove up to the drive thru and the dude was like "would you like to try a mc rib for 2.xx$?", i replied "no" and then i hear the mic turn off and sat there like a dumbass for a good 10 or so minutes before getting fed up and drove i look by the windows, NO ONE was!!)...but enough of mom's always bitching and stuff, and today she bitched about me backing into a spot and how you can't see if the rear would hit the she went to the salon next door as i sat there alone eating my big mac meal anxiously waiting to leave. everyone there was either some overweight family, elderly chinese guys who chat really loud, or part of this group of really touchy teenagers that were hanging out in the playplace corner being annoying.

touchy boyfriend girlfriend teenagers...ugh...they kind of gross me out. hah. reminds me of this time, where my little brother would ALLOW his little friend and his gf to use OUR HOME as a makeout place...EHHH *barf* parents took notice and told my brother not to allow that, thank god because my brother is probably too nice to his friends, like i am to the kids at work.

so yeah other than that, bought some takeout for dinner and i watched anderson cooper & kathy griffin's ball drop thing on CNN because i just love watching both of them :)~

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  1. haha touchyness, a lot of people have expressed the same opinion as you have. its just about being considerate. aish..