Monday, December 28, 2009


fighting food coma..must stay up...i've only been up for 3 hours and i already want to go back to school or no work makes me an 6 more days...6 more days..

2010 is soon..time flies...i feel like i'm going no where with my life.

yesterday i watched UP on was a nice movie...makes me want a dog very - -;

on christmas eve i hung out with my good friend lisa, who took me to the rowland/hacienda heights area for food and err window shopping :)~

lia drove me to banana bay for some thai food, which i didn't really enjoy but it was a nice nonetheless.

afterwards, we walked around because i've never been around that area before. i didn't really have anything to buy besides KRISPY KREME ahhh because i've been to the puente hills mall once in HS and i still remember that there is a krispy kreme around there. oh how i've missed it so much you can tell i enjoy simple junk food opposed to nice sitdown restaurants @_@

if only there was one closer to home *broken heart*

went to the big cue prior to krispy kreme, where we took some shitty ass pictures and i totally fucked up on the decorating part. since the whole thing is in japanese and i just randomly tap on a bunch of shit, i ended up chosing the option to not decorate my 2 pictures at all. also, the photobooth chose a really bad blinking picture of

such cheesey pictures, i don't know how many hundreds of dollars i've wasted on japanese photostickers...but i know i have wasted alot..hahah... i can probably fill another letter sized frame again..or soon. @_@.

back home we goo/to steph's house

city lights, that happen to look like very many little lochness monsters

since i've been at home staying awake til' 4am-5am everyday and sleeping til' 3-4pm everday...i've taken down that crappy SNSD rasterbated mural and created 2 new ones :)

now i just need one beside my bed and i think my room will feel less empty...(and more of an art gallery..)

so yeah...
i bought new headphones because all the ones i've used keep busting on one ear or shorting out and sounding like crap...-__-
these should last me awhile.

around 18$ total, with shipping included..yipee~


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