Monday, January 25, 2010

I sleep awake and dream all day. I wanna be a TV star...

i was watching "pops in seoul" on arirang the other day and heard this freaking good song by a new rap duo called "double trouble". it features hwayobi and is just plain awesome, though i have a hard time figuring out what hwayobi is trying to say half the time. though i just found out! looking at the lyrics @ its about them being kids and watching the television, dreaming they'd become tv stars when they grow up.

i almost cramped my right calf muscle while working out today...eesh i must've been more tired than i thought...and to think swimmers learn to swim that off O-O.

my acne has not been going my way...dragging my self esteem along with it. ugh, i think its this moisturizer i've been using. being cheap and all i just had to use all these samples i've received. i'm going to stop and use something else...all the stuff that doesn't go well with my face i end up finishing by putting it on my arms and body lol. i certainly don't need body lotion...

well anyway, my nazi mom has been driving me nuts this weekend. i like to take her grocery shopping and all but when she's yelling at me for the way i drive, it drives me insane. for example, i braked all of a sudden because i saw a car coming. my mom goes all ape shit on me and screams at me to not be in a hurry. i certainly was not in a hurry, even in a chaotic overcrowded costco because she refuses to have me drive her to another one. if i was in a hurry, i would be cursing like no tommorow and driving really fast. i think it's because since she had been in a head on collision with airbags and all blown out, it affected her psyche. so i can't really get mad her for

i did not know britney spear's "3" could be talking about playing the game twister. i have a dirty mind.

i don't have pretty pictures to show today :(

once in english class, this butch chick asked me if i ride or if i got it for the look and i was like what? i then realized she was talking about dirt biking and that she saw that i was wearing a fox branded tee. i told her that i got it cause i liked how it looked and yep...i'm pale as hell anyway and too clean looking to do any kind of sport. ahah...i suck at all sports anyway.

i really needa learn how to self time or find a better spot to take outfit pictures, but my camera has focus i have to use my eyes and a mirror for help huhu! better sleep, got work tommorow. weee~ gnight my blog~ ahh i'm going to turn 21 very soon...X[


  1. Nice outfit :)
    Haha. Aw I haven't been updating at all.
    At least you update here! Ah! ;(
    How've you been?