Saturday, January 30, 2010

massive spending.

okay not really. am i following the government or what? with proposed investments in green technology and an advancement in our transportation system by building highspeed railways on the east and west coast, i have decided to "massively" spend on some clothes and junk.

i watched president obama's state of the union address on last night. as usual he was a great speaker. it was fun to watch and i believe in him 110% even though progress has been slow but that is pretty much because of our system of checks and balances. ehhhh~ when the US goes to hell, i hope to be a british citizen and pick up their posh accent. woo woo~ but i love america, "just because i think gay dudes should be able to adopt kids and we all should be driving hybrid cars doesn't mean i hate america"- liz lemon, 30 rock. lol, i've been watching 30 rock so much now since the cable sucks now.

lets see this week i've bought...
-(8$) 2 boxes of girl scout cookies. not because i am a fatass, but because there is more than one girl scout at work. ai! lol, a really bright & well mannered student asked me if i could buy one from her so i agreed to get a box of thin mints but i told her i'd pay her on wednesday. i walked into the classroom on wednesday and i remembered to pay her without reminding me. then another student goes "what about me???". augh! i have a hard time saying no and i'm too nice sometimes, sucks. she's a good student most of the time so i bought somoas from her. so i am expecting a box of somoas and thin mints in the coming weeks. *semi drool*
-(2.59) this prickly silicon cleansing pad in hopes of it will help my acne and revitalize my dam face. stephanie showed me a this video and it just struck me. eh! lol but i am beginning to think that her skin is nice because she's rich and has regular visits to spas and doctors. like how famous korean celebrities often visit skin clinics and their dermatologists take photos with them..i woudn't be surprised if she was my mom's age as well...

-(90$ish) these clothes from pacsun because i coudln't let such a good opportunity pass on the brown jacket, which was once 80$ down to 20$...and then i just put a buncha shit in my cart because i wanted free shipping. i can always return the clothes to the store anyway but i'm probably going to keep them all. most excited for the faux leather jacket.

^2 of these, one for my little brother because i'm such a good older brother. even though i hate his fat rude ass most of the time. with my frugalness, you can think of each jacket as 30$ each and each tee is 10$...or 80$ for both jackets and 10$ for 3 tees...or yeah. shift the money around.
-(12$) 2 sticks of concealer and 2 bars of snickers
[no pic], i opened one anyway and i ate the snickers already.

now i just need to buy more panoxyl acne spot treatment because i'm running out. i think my face is finally calming down. except won't finish my GODDAM transaction (and now i have a pending charge with no order confirmation, FML!) , i may just give up and try going to a drugstore for it but i never find it...only the cleansers. nevermind, they called my house today to fix the order issue. felt weird making an order over the phone because i had to give my CC# and crap over the phone...hope everything is fine now. except evil chase has multiple pending charges from the same places now but that usually takes time to sort out. AUGHH, hopefully i don't get double charged for anything. god i need to move to a smaller bank.

i wanted to cash in cans and plastic bottles today but the guy at the recycling station was such a douche about being closed. i was there 15 minutes before closing! WTF! so i guess i'm going to another one tommorow when i wake up. i thinned my hair earlier, hopefully it just doesn't plop down like it has been doing.

so yeah here is an outfit picture i took this week.

i've seen like 5 people with the same shirt. _ _; if there was the white version of this with my size, i would've gotten that one instead. my jeans look like corduroy or uh whatever that one fabric is called. current weight 153lbs, 7 more slow pounds to try and add.

no more buying stuff for awhile. i'll put it at all of february..
i have turbotax ready, now for my tax form to come in and i can do my parents' and mine.

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