Saturday, January 9, 2010


i have this pimple on my forehead and it hurts like a BITCH...bleh definitely ain't going down by monday.

changed my layout. well more like altered the colors and made a very crappy simple banner. i've totally lost touch with my inner 14 year old graphic artist self :/, i use to have such a knack with photoshop, now i can barely remember the shortcuts heh. it is the super stylish and who i think is cool, gn.e.

ahh so bored, i'm only scheduled for 2 days of work this week. leaves me with nothing to do at home, why can't school start faster. fucking budget cuts and improper funding of education AHH... sometimes this makes me want a 2nd job but its already enough of a pain to find a new one that would accommodate with my availability and blah blah etc. also, the house's basic cable is fucked...channels between 30-70 is gone, going to bitch at charter if it doesn't come back by tuesday. that'll give me something to do. eesh!

my legs are kind of sore from cardio yesterday...eeeh! i'm not in the mood for doing weights today because my dam dvd player won't read my dam dvd-r's...sigh* guess i'll go buy a new one tommorow.

my missha order came yesterday 1/8, though my tracking number said it'd be delivered 1/7..lame i was all anticipating it for nothing. i have too many little super aqua toner/emulsion samples now, along with the little cellphone charm that doubles as a teeny vanity mirror.

stocked up on 1 new cleanser, 2 emulsions, 1 "skin" or toner. i'd like to try laneige and more upscale brands but eh, i'm not made of money. i like how korean moisturizers are sooo big...for 11$ i get a 4.73 fl oz. jar of moisturizer...opposed to drugstore moisturizers which is either 1 fl oz and is not worth the money..or 4oz but is some crappy teen acne marketed moisturizer. the only downside to it is the missing sunscreen factor i guess, but i have the bb cream for that. i finally found a bb cream that didn't give me pimples after hours of putting it on my face woo~. i wonder if the white emulsion smells as good as the black one...what pisses me off is the cleanser and the white moisturizer is even cheaper now and i want to stock up even more but eh...other sales will come >_<...

now i am hungry (again).


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