Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sign. annoyance.

well i write because i'm bored and i cannot think of another title besides putting 'bored'.... this week southern california is being pounded by 3 or so series of storms, so a ton of rain during the day and then some calm before the next storm cloud rolls in and drenches los angeles once again. well anyway, after today's major rainfall i went to buy food because my mom or dad didn't really cook anything and i just needed some time away from home. since my lazy, fat ass, piece of crap little brother did not want to come with me, i went out by myself. i went to panda express to buy some late afternoon lunch and then half&half for a milk tea before heading back home. i got the most amusing fortune in my fortune cookie..

this piece of paper says i need new friends...if i don't make new friends, i will lose out of favors. that is pretty logical but i think this fortune is somewhat dissing me. ouch...i also need to dust my table, as my camera is able to capture it...i certainly do need to dust it.

big fluffy clouds.

the calm after monday and tuesday's rainfall. i always wondered how it would be to be in a low lying cloud...

i have about 2 more weeks of wasting at home before class starts at elac. woo...can't wait to enlighten myself with education and redeem myself in statistics because i need a goddam B or A! and then about 2 weeks until classes at pcc starts. i will then endure these couple of months traveling between two community colleges and hopefully getting good grades in june. i have no reason not to anyway, i've been getting scheduled to work 2 days a week now, so i have plenty of time and assume it'll probably remain that way until summer camp starts. also because the cable sucks major ass now, and i can't even really watch any tv anymore because all the good stuff is gone. after this semester it should be smooth sailing with easy-ish classes then applying, finally leaving the goddam community college system. i don't hate it the system...just very sick of it blehh~~

i've been watching the daily show and colbert report on hulu, as well as my favorite american series 30 rock! which is finally back!! ahh...

back to how frustrating it is that no one in my family listens to me. i've been constantly repeating that i did not need an oil change for my car until it hits near 5,000 miles in the odometer. well anyways, i woke up today and found that my dad has gone ahead and did it for me. what the hell have i been saying! my car has about 3,400 miles on it. i can drive to vegas and back and still have to not change it. -____- ...if you don't trust me, look at the dam moniter in the CRV...oil life is at 40%...40%!!. i said "why would you do that? there was atleast 1000 miles you could still drive." but my dumb dad never really listens to anyone, he kept saying how a new car was "different". unless my dad has a credible source that he can show me, i'm following what the car manual says, and it states every 5k miles. fucking aye! and it's not like he did the oil change himself, he took it to the dealer to get it done. i don't really commute that far anyway, 1,500 miles can take months to accumulate...why!!!!!. *slams head on desk* i've officially given up on arguing with my parents, no one fucking listens! my mom gives me this shit about the way i talk to her, well uhh it's because no one listens to me and speaks to me as if i'm retarded and can't think for myself in somewhat complicated situations?.

examples of past retardedness.
dad- besides getting this oil change wayy early. during dinner with my parents during the 08 presidential election, my dad brought up the topic of prop 8. i stated that i was all up for equality, so i was for gay marriage. my dad goes "well how can two men care of a kid, how can there be two dads." i reply "well not all women are good mothers, a guy can take just as good of care of a child as a woman could, what is your point?" "if we truly live in a free country then gay people should have the right to marry. you can view the gay people as what black people faced 30-40 years back. they are fighting for equal rights and shouldn't be treated as 2nd class citizens" -discussion ends- *in very broken, grammatically incorrect cantonese*
mom-*costco is about to close, front entrance door closed* my mom says "stay here i'm going outside to check on your brother"and i freaking tell her to not leave or she won't get back in. *continues walking away* next thing you know, she's outside and the employee keeps blocking her from re-entering. *face palm* also recently, my mom planted flowers in the morning and it suddenly starts raining in the afternoon. she says, "it was so nice outside today and now its raining." i reply, "i told you it was going to rain today, i told you it was going to rain the whole week, no one ever listens to me." my mom replies "who said no one listens to you?". i reply "uhh what the hell happened at costco? when i told you not to leave?"..i don't doubt that my mom was the smartest kid in her class when she was a kid...but it doesn't take that much brain power to listen to me and remember what i said.
my little brother- not so much about dumb conversations or situations from him, he just never takes my advice or ask me for advice. currently he is failing mandarin and has a worse GPA than i did in HS. i remember my parents would kind of dumb me down and say how my brother excelled in math and did better than i did in school. well...maybe someone (or two) fed his ego too much.

...sometimes i think it'd just be better to move out and be on my own. which probably explains my eagerness to finish college already, though it won't be for atleast another 2-3 years. *sigh*

moving on...
last friday, i took lisa to green zone (organic chinese restaurant) to eat and give her late birthday present. the restaurant closes after lunch and reopens a couple hours later for dinner. since we arrived kind of early, we tried walking around the market next door and come back but it was still closed. it's the only restaurant i know that kind of takes a "siesta". i thought the hours on yelp was a typo or if it was really closed for 2 hours and opens again later BUT IT REALLY DOES!. well anyway, we took a quick trip to the mall and well i didn't find anything but lisa did. we left the mall and went back to finally what was open, green zone. that place is pretty good, i liked it and lisa did as well. definitely going back with other friends next time.

i had "satay beef with rice" or something because i wasn't in a noodle mood. lisa got wonton soup with noodles, her bowl is so teeny..lol well i felt i got my money's worth, most defff it was delish. what wasn't pictured was our passion fruit lemon teas, which was pretty good as well. it came with refills but i only consumed one glass..lisa consumed about 2.5 glasses o_O.

later on that night, i went with her to get desert with steph and their UCR friends. i didn't really fit in but eh i went for the hell of it. we were suppose to go noraebang but yeah stuff happened.

looking and peoples nice pictures on facebook and soompi makes me want to buy a DSLR really bad >_<...i may have to file a tax return this year, so the money i get back might go towards one. i'll think of it as a discount. i've also been inspired to take pictures of my outfits whenever i go out. so here is my first...>_> *shifty eyes*

i wore washed out kind of forest green slip-on shoes, if anyone really gives a shit.
well anyway i've kept this window open for a really long time. time to workout...zz

changed my song again! takin' it back to circa' 2007 lawl.

i was watching the VS fashion show 08 and was captured by how beautiful,sweet, and romantic the song made the "Ballet De Fleurs" theme of the show. the whole feeling that part of the show emitted made me feel good inside..


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