Saturday, January 2, 2010

wasting away at home on a saturday night. zz~

i want to find something to watch but at the same time i am too lazy to.
i bought lisa's birthday present, so it shall be coming soon. happy 21st :)
new layout....ehh no cool pictures to use..(also lazy)
i'm getting over this cold pretty fast, probably from all the sleep i'm getting...i'm in the sticky booger stage, breathe out of your mouth stage of it...not so much sore throat

i really love this cover right now.

why can't the actual version of 'nae yeoja' sound like that?
i love all of IU's acoustic covers actually. *heart*


  1. thank you! haha but all that i can think of right now is, how much i do not wanna go to school tomorrow -____-;; love your song btw :)

  2. I like that cover, it's so soothing.
    Have you heard this yet:
    "Nadia - Mister (Studio Ver.)"

    I've had it on repeat the past few days :D
    & Get well soon!