Thursday, February 4, 2010

비가 왔어...

i had my fix of sugar and i got out this ingrown hair towards the bottom of my chin. i'm in a better's going to rain tommorow and saturday. i better get out my umbrella~ ella ~ella~ eh ~ eh eh.

i kind of wish i bought a 2liter bottle of soda or brisk to last me until the weekend but i didn't when i went out to go to the atm and get my some boba. my house has run out of lipton brisk and that was the only thing i usually drink besides water, and some milk. i love milk and all, but when i drink too much its not good when i go to the crapper. i only drink half a cup when i consume protein shakes because protein shake mix with water is gross...

some dick parked behind my car yesterday at work and my car was sandwiched between a parking stone and a tundra...- _ -, i went back into my workplace hoping that it was a parent's truck getting ready to leave but it didn't so if it wasn't going to leave, i was going to ride OVER the parking stone and go home. HEH! lol. i am so fucking slick, i backed out a bit because there was some space and i turned as far right as i could, went forward, and i didn't hit anything! fuck yeah!! lol.

i've given up on using bb cream, the pale-ness korean people like to emit doesn't work out with my tan neck. darn being outside alot in highschool and my uneven skin. i'm just going to get a very high SPF sunscreen this weekend and using the rest of my bb cream on my neck. the other day one of my students said, "woah you remind me of edward from twilight, your face is all pale and your hair..." and my coworker was like WTF? lol =_=.

--- okay it is 2/5 now, i'm at work bored as hell. i have no duty so im just bumming out in the "movie theatre" with my coworker. lol. i can't wait till my day is over @ 8pm. Zzz, i don't have pictures today.

my feet are damp and wet. zz

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