Sunday, February 7, 2010

cystic acne & whatnot

gotta stop being a night owl, class starts monday! woohoo~ i hope i'll be using the same statistics book i did last semester...i don't want to buy another one..eck, i guess i'll rip myself off and sell back the one i used if i must.

so yeah, my boss asked me to work on friday and so i did. this one kid said something kind of thoughtful to me. it was something like "hey peter, i was gonna save my pizza and give it to you but i was hungry. so i ate it." i don't know if he was just kissing my ass or not but it was cute to hear hah. the rest of my day at work was just eating popcorn and using my laptop because i had nothing to do. the day wasn't so happy though, 3 students had their last day yesterday because their dad got laid off. :(...recession sucks and i feel like our gov't is resistant to any change at all. as everything continues to be outsourced and other counties don't need our services, then what is the point of living in the US. my dad also lost some days of work. if it stays this way my family would lose around 400$/month of income.

so i tried to do my taxes myself and turbotax'd myself, it calculated that i OWED the CA gov't 10$! wth! lol as a student who only earned about 4000$ in 2009, i don't believe i should owe any more of my hard earned money to the state gov't. wtf!

so's been like a month or so since i have been continuously having cystic pimples. it sucks because nothing can be done about them, it is all hormonal. the only thing i can try to do to prevent it is being healthy (yes), sleep (yes), and treat acne with benzoyl peroxide (yes). too bad it doesn't really help and can't be popped (usually), so it looks like my face has some minor tumor on it. - _ -;

so yeah, i got my sunscreen and my pacsun package. well i made my mom buy the sunscreen for me...heheh. i also got my panoxyl but i got jipped 11$ because fucking americarx charged me twice...unless i get another package this week. i did get 2 tracking numbers but one doesn't work. ai...

my face scrubbers also came! came in a 2 pack. my face can feel cleaner than ever.

i haven't been taking pictures of my but i got an awesome picture of my flab. * barf*

.almost close to my goal of weight of 160lbs...ahhh!
i can't be lazy. school starts tommorow, i better get some sleep. zz...gnight blog!

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  1. Awww what that kid said to you sounds so cute. Reminds me of this: