Sunday, February 21, 2010

i did it.

i finally bought myself a ain't a nikon or a canon but i'll learn to love it. i'm not that much into photography anyway. minolta lenses aren't very expensive and the image stabilizer is inside so it works with just about any lens attached. just looking for much more crisp, sharp, vibrant looking pictures that really captures something. like a bird...a friendly bird that embraces all... ideas...just like ...shoots out of its eyes all kinds of beauty. hahaha...

Sony Alpha A230L 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with a 18-55mm lens
Total: 382.95$ no tax, free shipping. I bought it on ebay from's store so i could get bing cashback. either way, the ebay store was cheaper than the online site listing. i've never seen a DSLR go below 400$ so i had to seize the opportunity.
I'm SUPPOSE to get 8% bing cashback which would return me (30.xx$) and 2% ebates (7.xx$) but after i clicked "confirm order" in paypal, my transaction went through but i got an internal server error page....FUCK! WHY AM I SUCH BAD LUCK!. i'm pretty sure that error page was from ebates's congrats cashback page but i'm not too sure.

i'll see if i have any pending cashbacks in 48 hours. ai... -___-

i'll end it here with a song.

i think this song is about sleeping with a photographer but i'm not too sure haha.


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