Sunday, February 28, 2010

i want boba...

but...i don't want to go by myself, my dad is probably coming home in the next 20 minutes, and my mom would say something stupid about me doing so..i'll probably go tommorow after class. i have to go to work about 30 minutes after time to go home.

so uh my friend "tagged" me into playing some blog game. so i'll just join but won't tag anyone else because i don't really have followers nor do i want to/feel like tag/tagging anyone else. so it'll be the picture in the blog feed.

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 years old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

i'm too lazy to scan a picture so i just took a picture of a picture in my room lol. there are 4 pictures...but to write about 3 of them are easy...they are the photos they force you to take in middle school and make your parents buy them. my mom would always buy them until she realized they did it every year, haha. picture of my little brother and me with santa...i don't even remember it...i was probably 2 or 3, i know it was taken at the santa anita mall...that is pretty much it. picture on the right was last summer in quebec city infront of some hotel.

yesterday i woke up early...just to go to freaking school so i can get some math lab hours required for my stupid math course. i just sat there for 2 hours and 40 minutes doing some sample tests for my chapter 1 & 2 test on tuesday...i'll probably go back on tuesday hours before class to study i guess and get hours at the same time.

i got my camera on friday night, along with my english book for class. i was freaking out that i didn't get a plug that fit a north american outlet because all i saw was a plug for a european outlet, since the camera was imported but then i realized there were 2 power plugs. (thank goodness). the battery took forever to charge but i'm happy :) i'm hopefully getting my cashback back, i finally realized why bing didn't credit my ebay purchase...i had to log into my ebay account and look in my messages to "accept" the cashback and then it finally appeared in my pending charges! ebates emailed me 2-3 days after with my pending cashback. so i'll be getting 30$ from bing and possibly 12$ from ebates because you get an additional 5$ for signing up with them. i'm so proud of my frugalness sometimes hahaha. now to wait 60 days...

^focusing problems when its a bit dark
oh~ my warm zooyork faux leather jacket. :)~

i love how there's much more depth in my pictures's not as flat and lifeless.
i also got my girlscout cookies but i finished both boxes already...i finished my last couple of thin mints this morning or shall i say afternoon because i slept till like 3 in the afternoon today and didn't get to see anything from the us vs canada hockey game at all...not that we won and that i cared..its just the national pride within.

well anyway this is the stuff my mom bought me besides the 8gig sd card, which i bought with my own money.

uh the card is missing..lawl

acne stuff...i'm 21 already...why won't it stop T___T

finally a pair of boots :) water proof boots for the rain. which i can wear tuesday since it's in the forecast D:


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