Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh.. you ancient bitch!

sorry, i can't stop watching this clip. bwahaha.

blehh i don't really have time to type as much, that or feel like it. i guess i'll be back at putting one entry every week or so...

happy lunar new years.
rest in style, alexander mcqueen.
happy birthday to me (2/16).

eck, so class has started and now i have homework and stuff. woohoo. my comparative politics teacher is african with some sort of african accent...i always thought monteiro would be hispanic.. and my statistics teacher is persian from iran with a middle eastern accent. going to be an interesting semester, i hope i get through it...ack. i feel like i have alot on my plate soon, oh the pain of being a full time student traveling between two schools and working.

today [2/13] is lunar new years eve, so this morning i accompanied my mom to go to a store where they sell fresh slaughtered and skinned chickens. pretty annoying because i live in an area with a highly dense chinese population where everyone follows cultural traditions. then we went to mcd's to get some food i didn't really eat, ended up giving it to my brother and my retarded mom gave the mc chicken intended for her to him as well. so today he consumed 3 freaking mc chickens in one day.

well anyway, lisa wanted to hang out in honor of my birthday (don't know if it makes sense written that way) so we spent the afternoon in rowland heights area before heading home for dinner. my mom said lunar new year's eve dinner should be treated like thanksgiving, so yeah everyone must eat together for the occasion (though my brother didn't get the memo). i wanted to try this korean fried chicken place for the longest time and i finally have. yey :)~ it's a korean friend chicken chain called kyochon and it's pretty dam good! price ain't bad either, it's like average price for a meal but you get alot. you're suppose to get a free super junior poster with every purchase and if you purchase more than 20$ you get a free instant picture for valentine's day. we didn't get a poster and don't even care for super junior so that was whatev's and we got a free instant picture when we didn't even purchase more than 20$. we also got a free wing from the lotto ball, such a cute place.

and our free instant picture taken from a fujifilm instax camera that came out to be ugly as fuck. my jaw is not that wide and my chin is not that fat...Y_Y

look. see eheh, from what i consider to be a good hair day before going to my evening class.

after consuming so much carbs...i made lisa bring me to krispy kreme again so i can buy more donuts. @_@...i bought 2 dozen this time. lol i'm a fatass. i also needed to go to the mall anyway because i needed to take a piss.

other than that, i captured a rainbow on my way to my evening statistics class. i wish i had a better camera on my phone because i can see downtown los angeles from afar on campus. it looks nice at night.

i'm also addicted to mcd's new frappes...or frappucinos or whatever..

i bought a shirt from i don't even wear button shirts that often but i like how it looks >_<
23.01$ total with free shipping

so yeah. cheers~


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