Friday, February 19, 2010

spanx for dudes.

hide your gut and push that fat into all the right places. it's like a man girdle. maybe in my last free friday before my classes at PCC start and then i'll be hecka be overwhelmed with more crap to do. but i can do it...i will prevail!!!!

well today i went to pick up my parking permit and thank goodness i left around 1 because i didn't know the retarded trolley that passes them out closes at 2. i read the wrong paper on tuesday when i tried to get it then. there was a kind of long line..ugh. i hate community college, i've seen it become so crappy and inefficient over the past couple years. darn the recession and federal and state deficit.

so my birthday was like any other day, boring. kind of sad to say but my mom was like "hey i don't have time to go buy a cake for you, here's 20$ to get one." being the good son i am, i did. too bad my douchebag little brother wouldn't even bother coming with me because his fat lazy ass would rather take a nap, even after i offered to take him to jamba juice.

this was the cake i bought for myself(heheh). it's a coffee cake and it was 20$ flat. i had no change to buy myself boba... boo, so i used my own money for that. i also bought a 2 liter of soda since my house had no more ice tea and a little bag of sunchips for myself. at work i got some "happy belated birthday!"s from the front desk but yeah, other than that, nothing special.

the annual chinese new year gala on CCTV, i download it for my parents every year, ever since i had a CD burner.usually boring but iono why i find it so intriguing that one of their ethnic minorities are singing in mandarin and look very "white". it's like more fascinating than our white highschool mandarin teacher. lol, and if some people may not know...koreans are also an ethnic minority in china. there is a region near the n.korea where koreans and chinese live in harmony and that is why you see hanboks in stuff that features china's ethnic minorities.

awful capture i did. lol