Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this geek.

so today for work my pickup wasn't the usual, i was like basically hopping between 3 cities to pick up my students from school and i had a 4th grader buddy with me because he forgot his mathbook at school. i was going to his school anyway to pick up one of the older students from his school and i never really drove with him in my car before so he was really chatty and wanted to touch whatever he could in the car. our conversation began with...something along the lines of.

brandon: *fiddles with an ugly cap my dad left in my car*
me: uh that's not mine, its my dad's.
brandon: so this is your dad's car?
me: well it's pretty much mine, my parents got it for me but it's pretty much theirs.
brandon: so you drive them everywhere?
me: pretty much. whenever i'm with them.
brandon: are you an only child? do you have a brother?
me: i have 1 brother.
brandon: no sister?
me: nope.
brandon: so your the younger one? because your a teen?
me: nope i'm the oldest
brandon: but your a teen, so does that mean your brother is a kid?
me: no, my brother is a teen too.
brandon: does he have a girlfriend?
me: i don't think he does.
brandon: do YOU have a girlfriend?
me: no..~
brandon: it's because your a geek aren't you?
me: ahah, yes because i am a geek.
brandon: see, that's why i don't ever want to become a geek.

so cute...kids are fun...as far as seeing myself in a relationship, i don't know. i don't really have a social life nor very many friends. the chances of running into a beautiful, smart, charismatic, female version of me is slim. she's out there somewhere, i know it. but i am good, i feel kind of hopeless and love sick at times but i get through.

later on he just started playing with my phone while chatting and to my surprise he wasn't playing games. during work, i got a text from some random number for brandon. it turned out that when he was asking me how to text, he texted his dad...his dad knows my number now >_> but if i had a 8-9 year old son send me this, i'd smile a bit inside.

his dad replied "hi brandon! why did you text me?" lol. it would have been sweet if it was something like "hi dad, hope you aren't working too hard. see you at dinner."

as for being a geek, sure. i might not be the greatest at math but neither are my coworkers. lawl. i gave up trying to the find the original price of a pair of discounted jeans for 18$ @ 20%. The answer is 22? or 22.50 but i still can't figure out how to get there. multiplying 1.2 to 18$ was short a dollar+ LOL. if i ever do end up being a teacher, it sure ain't going to be in teaching multiple subjects (especially math). well anyway, to reiterate i can be a...

fashion geek.
not as geeky as i use to be and i don't really show it. i also didn't have a job, couldn't drive nor were my parents huge shoppers, that would go far distances for a sale for the sake of their children. far to them is like more than 5 miles..lol. i use to be on style.com all the time to look at all the top designers, spotting trends and models. now i just notice trends through online window shopping and celebrities and buy what i like. but i like looking and editorials and spreads every once in awhile, the art in fashion and photography is just... so mesmerizing...
well anyway i'm blabbing. abbey lee kershaw caught my eye(s?)...

okay not the best pictures but she's cute and one of the biggest working female models of 09'
she's aussie, her teeth aren't perfect, doll faced, cute, got that accent, got some spunk, great walk. got errthang going for her, she's also done VS! super cute ey?

a dancing geek.
i'm not as devoted to the so cal dance scene as some of my friends are. as in, they're actually dedicated enough to go to auditions and be part of some pretty awesome dance teams. dedicated enough to drive to late night practices and drive to various shows and competitions to put on a hell of a performance but that fire is still burning from within. i've set education at the top of my priorities but yeah..i miss it sometimes~ i should've went to vibe on sunday...

skip the MC..lol...loved the intro, it's sicck.

ah i could go on and on...i'm going to turn 21 in 13 days...ah...
i'm having trouble tracking my order from this shitty website called americarx.com...i don't know if i'll ever get my order from them and i don't even want to bother try getting my money back because of all the awful reviews i've read. i threw away my order # after i killed a huge spider with the paper i had written it on. there's also no way to register my email on their website to find out my order # and pretty awful reviews on epinions. i've been double charged for an order of panxoyl benzoyl peroxide...aiya...that i don't know if i'll ever get....22$ possibly down the drain -__-. they also outsource their customer service from india...sooo american right? well i'm going to keep monitering my card transactions online. oh the suckyness of being cheap sometimes.

and to end my late night, my favorite japanese r&b singers have collaborated again to make 'FOREVER LOVE' which is basically 'LOVE FOREVER' but with new lyrics and a different tempo. i really like the MV. I love what they're wearing, they totally rocked whatever they had on. it's also currently my BG song...

Shota Shimizu x Miliyah Kato - FOREVER LOVE


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