Friday, March 12, 2010


i just consumed 20 chicken mcnuggets for 4.99 or whatever 4$ something.
now all the blood in my body is going to aid in the digestive process and making me all lethargic.

this morning i went to the dentist for my 3 month checkup
i was so relieved to know that my teeth are fine and the potential cavities are still hard. the doctor advised me to brush the back better because it is more stained than the front, so i will do that and also floss every night after i shower. since the checkup/cleaning my teeth are sensitive again...i feel like sharp jolts of...not really pain...just this jolty feeling...i hope it goes away faster than it did when i had new cavities filled like 6 months ago.

on thursday i semi-conformed to i messed with it a little but i dont really like how it i will just stand by my good ol' blogger, until some other site beats out google in the blogging sector of the internet. my tumblr can be found here, i'll update once in awhile i suppose, just to see what is up with friends.

funny how even when i try to blog more often, i end up with an average of between 6-9 entries a month.

i have my 2nd statistics test this thursday, a 2-3 page paper due friday, and a presentation on race in brazil i should make so i don't have to worry about it later on. ahh so much to do and i want to do a good job in all of them..

i bought this, this week. on my search to find a good somewhat cheap concealer that claims to not clog pores.

it might be too light for me...but the next best color would then be "soft yellow" which looks soo yellow...god! i guess it covers better than my other one but yeah..doesn't mesh well with dead scabby skin on my face. i'll probably use both once i can get the other stick for 40% off again.

fuck my lifeee
i know that because i'm a guy, it's ok and i can get away with a lot of things that girls can't but it is definitely a self esteem killer. especially when my mom notices and she just straight up goes "hey, what is up with your face?" and i reply "i don't know! leave me alone!"

-i am not stressed, to the point where i think it'd be the cause anyway.
-my diet hasn't changed much besides trying to greatly cut the amount of carbs i take in
-my mom thinks it is the protein shake, but i object to this because i don't drink it everyday..though it may be the soy protein but i highly doubt this...i've eaten tofu and crap...

hormones....or detox...i don't know but my body will overcome this. leave me alone dammit!

i'm going to run low in sunscreen soon, i think my neck has significantly lightened since i've been using it. hoooray! my stomach is getting tighter from working out and my lack of eating 5 meals a day and erratic sleeping schedule. wooo, it's still a bit poochy but i can tell that there's a difference.

i also bought a bunch of basic vneck shirts because i get kind of sick of wearing graphic tees all the time. basic is good, show that you look good in the most basic outfits :) no need wear something that screams attention whore. free shipping from f21 so yey. i also bought a pair of new sunglasses which i hope won't shatter on the way from the warehouse to my home.

no more shopping for me for awhile man...
on monday i need to pay this kid 8 bucks for some rip off fundraiser chocolates because i can't say no to him...*tear* LOL. especially since he's such a good, well mannered, nice and cute kid. gah! love the kids, hate the fundraisers.

workout time.


  1. what is your current song?? is it eun ji won?

  2. whats the current song at the moment? i like like the beat and the guitar in the song.

  3. i must agreed. It's a very awesome song . And don't worry about the break out. Have you try DHC acne gel?it help sensitive skin very well. I have try neutrogena but that overdry my skin T_T. Well good luck