Saturday, March 6, 2010

luv mah bread..

i had a cheeseburger with grilled onions, protein style at in n out made eating at in n out really sad...haha. basically its a cheeseburger but without the bun and wrapped in lettuce.

this picture isn't taken by me...incase the owner of this picture happens to run into this blog, somehow? but yeah just to let you [the reader] know that i found it on google images.

trying to eat low fat & low carb is going to drive me nuts hahah! i probably won't be trying to eat another one of these, unless i start to get fatter, like double chin fatter...or i'll eat that when i dine in but when i buy drive thru i'll get it with the buns.

bleh *poke* i don't know why the right arm looks like a tumor. it'd probably look better if i was tan but i am effin' scared of the sun since geography class lol and i have some pecs, i swear t-t.

my inspiration and goal...though it probably won't happen for a loooong time. determination...

today i also got rid of some electronic waste junk by driving to a local highschool and dropping them off at their ewaste drive. yanno they make money from that because electronics have small amounts of gold, silver, and copper and it is easy to reharvest them out, so they're basically getting free money from our electronic junk. hopefully they are recycling the waste properly as well and not poisoning the earth because yeah...that would suck.

my window was down and some highschooler said THANKSS and i just flashed a peace out sign with my hands and kept driving lolol...i'm so cool..well anyway...bored with my webcam...good hairday i guess?

rockin the...lumberjack style...i didn't heal brush my face, so it looks all spotty..eesh..acne..


    I've been trying for a month now and theres barely any change... it just FEELS harder. ><
    but then again, i've been slacking for the past week.... ANYWAY.good luck !

    from a soompi stalkeer :3

  2. Lookin' cute! Flannels look nice on you. c: