Tuesday, March 2, 2010

spell the magic~ on you spell the magic

i don't think it makes any sense but god this song is so good. lol to me anyway, its like neyo kinda shit, which i like.
my current background music is by a new male trio named ONE WAY, one of the members was a solo singer back in 2008 whose name also happens to be Peter. His title song was Showman? and i think he was australian? well anyway he's in a group now and they're really good. they only have a single out and it doesn't include "Magic", it'll come out next single. shame i can't find the lyrics because my korean sucks (already checked daum,naver, bugs) and i want to know wtfock they're singing. hard to distinguish korean through listening sometimes...
the music video. new group ONE WAY-Magic

i'm in a good mood right now so i'm blogging for that reason hah, even though i had to wake up at 6am today for my 7am class. i have yet to arrive on time to it yet. i also had to go to stupid english lab, which i dread, then afterwards i had to meet with my polisci2 group, so i couldn't really nap, for what turns out to be a group written 10-15 page paper? weird...i guess when you go to a ghetto community college where only 8% of the students transfer can work to your advantage, too bad i didn't go there right out HS. i think i could've retained a high GPA (like 3.5+) as well as score a bunch of scholarships lol. i would get kind of sick of listening to people speaking in hoodrat outloud though and the crappy construction going on.

so anyway my stats teacher asked if i could stay after class to help him and i was like sure why not? apparently he suspected me of being a good student and trustworthy so he had me and a handful of students help check the tests taken tonight and also got our own tests graded. i got a 96! out of 100, woot woot. now to do that 5 more times. the beginning of my redemption.

i ponder why he asked me though lol
it's either because

  • i'm asian
  • a loner
  • don't dress like a slob
  • i just look like a bright diligent person? haha..
so anyway..our government doesn't care about us, summed up in 3 minutes.

single payer plox. take over the insurance industry and make them work for the government.
i'd post pretty pictures but the pictures i attempted to take tonight are not good...not good at all..lol.

today [thursday] there was a huge protest against budget cuts on education, it was cool. way to make a damn statement.
well anyway time to exercise


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