Sunday, March 21, 2010

when your world falls apart, like shattered glass

jesus christ! listening to my mother indirectly lecturing to me is so old and annoying. as far as i know, i'm so grounded that i'm deep into the fucking earth! i guess it's because she JUST realized that my douchebag brother is very unappreciative and ungrateful (finally?). well anyway, my mom was like who's going to shower (between my brother and i) because it is 1am and i said "so you want mom to wash your ass too?" and he totally starts spitting out cuss words like its so bad ass and makes him so cool and that i can't fight back. my mom then starts again with crap about learning for yourself and all this crap. once i asked my brother "don't you feel guilty that you made mom pay 600$+ to fix your cavity filled mouth because you can't learn to brush your teeth?" and he had the nerve to say "no." since then i've pretty much lost all my respect for him and i don't really think he'll ever change.

today i went to mcd's with my mom because i wanted to get out of this goddam house and i wanted to uh hog their wifi and work on my stuff due this week. i overslept for math lab because i was intending on doing it there since i want to get my 15 hrs of required lab time over with. i have like 3 hours and 20 minutes so far? so i have like 12 hours togo. so yeah. i got myself a mocha frappe and my mom walked next door to get her haircut. all i got done was like editing the first paragraph of my paper...oh well it is due friday anyway, i just want to get it done with so i can sleep peacefully. then we just went to market and then home, i offered my brother my mcchicken if he would help me finish filling the 2010 census and collect the clothes hanging outside. being the whiney little bitch that my brother is, he was like "WHY?HUH! WHY ME!" [WHY MUST I BE THIS FUCKING SLAVE/VICTIM! I LIVE SUCH A HORRIBLE LIFE]. my god, get over your fucking self. the brackets is my interpretation of him lol not to be taken seriously. most of the laundry was his anyway, my mom already washed and hung it out for him. he might as well get it himself. so yeah there is a mcchicken in the fridge now..i might just eat it right now...

i got my new debit card in the mail the other day...tonight i tried to activate it via phone but the retarded machine was like "...provide service 24/7 but unfortunately we'll be back sunday at 7am..." and i'm like fuck this...i'll just withdraw money from an ATM and activate it that way...i only have like 3$ in my wallet anyway =.,= i just need another paycheck because having only 200$ish dollars in my checking account is depressing. atleast when summer camp starts i'll be making more money again. working 2 days a week kind of sucks..

so i took my stats test last week and i'm really mad at myself that i skipped 2 questions and winged 2 others...and they were probably some of the easier ones T_T...*sigh* if i got everything else right i'd get an 89/100 but i doubt it. gotta finish my presentation on race in brazil and edit my history paper so i can get a superb grade this week. raaaaaar!

eh my boring self. i can see my nipple..

i cleaned my keyboard...woo so much hair and

my new killer 5$ sunglasses :)

tommorow i'm going to get a haircut (hopefully) weather makes my hair all poofy...

i've been finding tumblr kind of fun now, it'll basically be a blog where i express myself through youtube videos, pictures, maybe quotes if i ever find any i really like. so if you like my taste in music and taste in fashion and other stuff, you can follow me :) ranty life journal will still be here...


  1. younger siblings are such a pain in the behind.. -__-;; thats really cool how you cleaned your keyboard! i would be scared to mess it up. lol

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