Friday, April 2, 2010

hello april.

strange...summer is approaching already.
today i spent 2 hours doing a hand written right hand is sore...particularly my thumb and my neck feels like shit UGH! i hope i did good on my exam and made sense because i didn't bother to reread what i wrote because i just wanted to get the hell out of class.
my allergies have been a freaking BITCH because of the transition into spring. all the pollen and temperature changes is no good. blahhh! i would love to go see sakura trees though, i think there is a place in southern california that has a field of them. coincidentally my song is sakura by shimizu shota ;) ~ frackin' love his music and not to mention his awesome style. in japan people celebrate the blossoming because it only lasts for 2 weeks and it symbolizes how quick life and death comes or something..along those lines.


君がいて 僕がいた 春の日
oh how fucking perfect for spring those lyrics are.

last night i watched the 1.5 hours of 'the office' thinking 30 rock was going to be on but it didn't LOL but yeah..the office is okay, i get the concept and all but it doesn't really appeal to me. this couple got married at niagara falls and i thought it was cool because i went there last summer.

i really need to get out more often...i haven't hung out with a friend in like 4-6 months
blogger seems kind of dead now...everyone either tumblrs or doesn't blog...partially because i'm not very active on blogger...i should be more active and comment i'll get around to

i got my haircut (finally)! i kind of feel like will smith in the early eps of fresh's kind of q-tip ish...can't wait for it to grow longer....i've been wanting to dye my hair again but err i get annoyed with long hair...

so bad with my camera..

i bagged a bunch of cans and plastic bottles from the backyard today and went to cash it in. got money for lunch! i then proceeded to get some milk tea and in n home, ready to step out of my car and noticed holes in my jeans. ahhh what the hell..

this has never happened to me before. fuckin aye!

aaand outfit.

yeahh..that is all.

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