Saturday, April 24, 2010

last week of april

today concludes the end of my "spring break" or atleast at my other community college.
so i only had friday with no school and i didn't have to wake up at 6am on tuesday or thursday.
still have the bad habit of sleeping at 3 or 4am...eesh...i'm such a night owl T__T...

changed my side profile picture woo..

i emailed bing cashback customer support and i finally got my log in back! woot woot.

i also recently got the cashback from bing from my DSLR purchase. i have 30$ in my paypal account now...which i guess i'll just keep there until i have something to spend it on because i don't want to pay 1.50$ to have it be turned into a check and sent to my house -.,-

on my list of junk to buy
-cardigans (but not the thin mixed fabric type...dislike those)
-tripod for my camera
- new jug of whey protein
-ipod touch (if it ever gets a camera...if not my dull ass life will continue on with my shit ass prepaid cellular phone. my pound button is not being as responsive as it once

i wish my hair grew faster...i want bangs cover up my ugly ass scarred forehead
speaking of hair...i was looking through my xanga the other day and i miss my brown hair haha..i might dye it if my alumni friends really get this performance together

i miss my xanga...too bad its so outdated and dead + i hate the ad they put on my page..with blogger i feel like this page is truly mine. too bad i don't get as much feedback as i did with xanga LOL -.,- everyone uses tumblr now but i just use it to archive pictures i like and post youtube videos i like/recommend.

i feel like i'm being a target for some hate crime. my house has been egged before and a couple hours ago my brother said someone threw something at his window? and my pussy ass brother was too scared to see what is going on and gives me LAME ASS excuses. i don't get why people do that...i've lived in this house for like 15+ years and my family doesn't really talk to anyone. so stupid, i don't feel any different about any of my neighbors...except for that god awful dog beside my window that can't shut the hell up. that or some drunk just HAD to use my house to release his frustrations on..esh... and by no means do i live in a nice newly built house on some crappy house is old and you can tell by my bathroom...late 60s early 70s vibe...nor do we drive nice cars...WHYYY!!!

okay i need to finish my entry, it's been open since the's the 30th now >_>
today i got my women's history exam back i got a 74%!! AHHH so disappointed in myself _ _;.
tommorow my goal is to finish 2 papers while getting math lab hours tommorow morning.
sunday or saturday night...intro and thesis for english paper. the wheels are rolling and i can't catch uppppp.

i wore this today...i thought my lips looked

on monday i had my first review at my workplace. i've never been reviewed in the 1.5 years i've been working there so it was very intimidating. i got very high remarks and was surprised about the stuff my boss said about me, she kept assuring me if there was anything that i didn't like that i should speak up because ultimately she wants everyone to be happy. i said i got shifted to tuesdays awhile back and it's tiring especially when i get english lab...sleep at 2 or 3...wake up at 6 ish...go to class till 9...english lab till 10:45...get home 11ish...TRY TO NAP til' 1:45 ish...go to work...till 5...then go to another class til' 7:35...home. EESH...but i put up with it...i only have to do that like 5 more times anyway...i'm still going to unless she told my other boss....but they're seperating so there's this awkwardness around...o well, i'm a trooper...yeah besides saying how appreciated and how i'm worth so much that was pretty much it..

i haven't bought clothes in awhile....i have 30$ in my paypal account...*sneaky eyes*...i now await these from the UK...

£58 = 88~89$ USD...since i got that cashback from bing...i only had to pay 60$. shipping was free~ woo woo~
i'm a medium in the weird ahhhah (even though i've previously bought from asos before)...i kept measuring my chest to make sure its 39 inches lol.

well anyway i have dance practice in like 1.5 hours...eck..but i heart seeing all my high school friends again + pretty much free dance classes from my talented group of friends bwahah!
don't know if it'll be as great as this was...hopefully i am better...and don't look so dam obvious in finding my spot

better change, get gas and a snack, and meet up at a ghetto parking lot to practice.


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