Friday, April 9, 2010

retard me.

lets see...on monday i went to class for nothing because i did not know it was a "non instruction day" and i was SO dumb and blind because there was this huge banner on the fence stating april 5th was one and i totally missed it. i only saw that banner the next day and i was like AH WTF. i think it was to make up for cesar chavez day overlapping with their spring break and probably because of budget problems, so everyone loses a day of pay.

continuing on with my stupidity, i forgot the log in name/live or hotmail email address i created to use bing cashback. i still can't figure it out...ahh lol oh well. i'm just hoping i don't need to click anything else to get my cashback...i got my ebates one already...60 days should be approaching.

i got my comparative politics test back and i got a 78% AHHH *stab* i wanted an A or atleast a high B. atleast i beat the ASU president, apparently she got a 48%, aren't people like her suppose to be A students.

i also had work on monday but it was a chill day since a majority of the kids was on spring break. i basically did my statistics homework in there and let this kid play with my laptop next to me until 6. i was a little disturbed seeing a cute 2nd grader play halo online with his 7th grader brother and 4th grader and see him say "haha, i killed you~" >_O.

in my english class on thursday we were discussing this book i only read like 20 pages of but my teacher showed us this speech the author had done and she something that really struck me. well Azar Nafisi lived in Iran before and during the Iranian Revolution so she lived in like a very oppressed country and expressed how she should be able to read and read what she'd like but because the ruling government banned certain books, people weren't allowed to expand their imagination and freely discuss their ideals. Well anyway she said, "one of the most important reasons for a writer to write is because of that sort of inarticulate urge. you don't know why you want to write but there is something in you that is very important which needs to come out and it is like love. you know~ when you are in love, you feel that there is something there that is staring and that gives the world a different color. somehow something becomes much more luminous but at the same time you need to articulate it and like love when you articulate things that are mundane, through writing, throught that urge, they become new."
it's like...i've been blogging since i was like 13 and seen people come and go but i'm still attached to it. maybe this is why i write because i feel like there is something important in writing..i have that urge and it'll never get old..i hate reading though lol but i should finish this book. there isn't a summary online anyway..

today i didn't get my essay from my history class back because my professor either barely found it or i don't know that is wrong with it. maybe i interpretted the prompt wrong but she said she though my essay was good, there was some issue with it and to email her for my grade this weekend. man it better not be less than a B, i know i'm not the best writer but i'm not the worst -_- that's fsho and i worked hard on that paper man!

well on the brightside my shitty basic cable is fixed due to a routine audit by charter. i miss not having comedy central, E!, and CNN though...atleast i got my fuzzy ass discovery channel and cartoon network back. i can watch the LIFE series on sunday! YEAH!!!

i sound so geeky..

after not getting my essay back from my women's history class i drove to the bank and then home to grab my camera to help my friend take pictures of her screen printed shirts.

she just got a super mod bob cut. i should get my hair cut at the paul mitchell school too >__> it's only 12 bucks.

some other artsy fartsy pictures i took at the "park", it's not even a freaking park. it's like a square of grass with a baseball corner, playground, and a tennis court across the street but it was close so yeah. afterwards i dropped her off at where her parents were staying.

i want to collect some domo stuff now...

PDA. ahah or not, i dont know.

before going to the park we went to get food. i was starving...and saw some rich asian highschoolers with their LV belts and wallets at in n out. i had just let my friend play around with my camera while i waited for our burgers and the hipster asian one had a nikon one lol. i felt so inferior...

well not inferior in regards to my camera because it's how you use your camera to take good pictures but the materialistic goods ( familiarity with the capabilities of your camera really helps! i barely learned how to manual focus earlier (thank you andrew!) or my next picture would've came out really bad.

my mom was like "there's a tiny package for you!" and then she was like "what is it underwear?" lol~ -_- well anyway, i bought a bunch of circle lenses like half a year ago but i still had a pair missing because the brand of lens didn't reach the goal so i ended up choosing some instock lenses. i ended up choosing these EOS V205LB because they were the only ones in my prescription. i might try them out tommorow because they're my first EOS brand lenses. design wise...they are boring and brown as usual lol.

i was trying SO dam hard to figure out how to focus on the design of the lenses this evening..afterwards i took a nap because i was so tired.

these are what my urine mostly consists of...>_< lol~ i do refill the bottles to save a bottle or two when i can...

yep yep. lol i'm totally using tumblr to upload and link non personal pictures to this blog. i save some upload space that way.

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  1. Holy shit, that Azar Nafisi quote, is it verbatim? So much truth in that statement...

    Anyway, your friend's shirts look pretty cool! Very hipster/ artsy, haha.

    Where did you buy your lenses from? & Take pics with them on! I ordered a pair of GnG GBT Brown from Pinkyparadise about a week ago and I'm very excited to get them. Hopefully they'll give my eyes a nice effect...

    Haha, I jumped on the tumblr bandwagon a little while ago too. It's extremely convenient for uploading stuff, good idea using it to save upload space lol.