Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i'd like to make myself believe...

...that planet earth turns slowlyyyy.

perhaps...too slow because i am so insanely bored wasting away at home.

yesterday, i registered to take Chinese1 for summer school but the instructor kicked me out for knowing cantonese and saying that i understood a little mandarin (i didn't speak it at all in class but i still got reported out -__-). FML, they wanted to force me to take an upper division mandarin class, fuck that shit!. all my friends took chinese in their universities and they were allowed to stay, i don't see what the big fucking deal is. in the end, i ended up dropping the class and i'll just take japanese1 in the fall. there was a handful of cantonese speakers and people who said they understood a little mandarin in the supervisor's room and it was just SO damn annoying. after i said to just give my spot to someone else, i walked over to my former history professor's class to wait until she let her class out on a break so i could sell my books to a summer student of hers and i got 15$ back. yay...other than that my day was pretty boring. i wish my CC had korean courses...that would've been an easy A as well. oh well i guess i'll just fess up and learn some japanese. even though i love amuro namie and shimizu shota, i've never really had an interest in learning it...

i ended up shopping out of anger since forever21 had free shipping for the day. i can never find the things i want at the store so i might as well.

i've always wanted a fedora. 16.xx$
i always wanted a little hat collection for lazy hair days

black jeans. 28.xx$ ....i have black jeans but they aren't solid black...they have this fade in them...eck.

i hope i like them.

when i got home i told my mom i didn't have summer class afterall and dropped my class. afterwards, i went to the library to return a book and get gas for the camry. i noticed this awesome park job at the library lol

oh how my heart aches for that yaris. lol

later that afternoon, lisa asked me if i could accompany her to pick up a friend's sister because she is pretending to be our friend so she doesn't get dropped from class and i agreed. i didn't have anything to do anyway so i might as well. lisa wasn't kidding when she said her sister looks like our friend lol.

then i just came home and ate.
i guess i'll blog a bit more this summer since i'll be bored at home.
on the brightside, i look forward to seeing my coworkers thursday morning and next week summer camp begins, so i'll be bored at work with a bunch of kids instead. i'm planning to bring my DSLR to work too and capture cute moments and junk during summer.


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