Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm feelin' good. ~느낌이 좋아서

holy fook i am bored.

this morning i had a dentist appointment so i had to wake up early...i've been thinking i have a problem with my teeth since they've been sensitive to cold water for awhile, but i guess not because the doctor didn't say anything. he didn't say much at all really...he was just like "good morning peter! lets get your teeth clean for summer!" and that was it...heh.

today was my FINAL class of the semester! yey. my women's history class was soo short heh. after my professor dismissed us, she looked at those who had papers to turn in. she looked at mine and made it sound really assertive and on point, so all i got to do is tweak my paper a bit and turn it in on friday to boost my grade hopefully! i was suppose to find an ad that used sex and beauty as a commodity to sell stuff totally unrelated to beauty. i initially was going to give up and use those carl's jr ads from tv because it's played sooo much everyone would probably do that (current one features audrina patridge or watevershit, previous to her was kim kardashian and paris hilton) but then i realized korea has alot of that haha ^^. so i used this lotte ice cream commercial and a soju ad which featured hyori. the carl's jr ad was hard to analyze anyway, since its solely focused on audrina eating and her body..i could identify much more with this CM.

i watched this movie called "Persepolis" in english class thursday. it was pretty good! it was like an adult cartoon. the actual experience of marjane may have been too graphic to be played in real life, so there was this different way of twisting the same story by putting it into a cartoon. it was like an innocent understanding of the iranian revolution + a bunch of good humor. now i just have to be all analytical about the film because my final will be based on it. zzz~

i had to watch it in french with english subtitles (and i still am). it was like going back to quebec all over again because i don't know any french at all...besides merci, je taime, and au revoir...loool

after class i came home and resumed eating my remaning 20 pieces of chicken mcnuggets i bought after leaving the dentist. i was contemplating whether to just go to school and wait or go home for an hour to eat, and i chose home in the

i asked my brother if he wanted to go to the mall with me because i was bored and there was no one to talk to and he was a dick about it. he ended up coming with me anyway because i "offered" to buy him boba. i didn't want to but since he said today was his HS's last dance and being that he's never gone to one at all (prom included [i never went to my prom either]) and everything, i'd get him one anyway. moving on...i'm just going to wait until the day H&M opens an online store for US customers because that store is a mess. on the brightside, i went to "cotton on" today and they had this 50% sale with like 2 huge rows of tees and stuff to choose from. i said i wanted some more tanks in my last entry and i found some! woot~!! not only that but they had prints on them. some of the clothes are kind of distasteful with pictures of slutty chicks on them and some with like random french or spanish or something but i got some i liked and could picture myself wearing, so yay.

and then i drove home wondering if they had an online store but they don't...oh well. i actually kind of like that store now and plan to visit it whenever i'm at the mall to see if i can score more cheap shirts. it's a store based in australia, surprisingly. so yeah, i got those three tanks for 22$ish total @ 6.90 each + tax. not bad. the far left one looks like a plain gray tank...but it's a faint blue striped tank with a little pocket on it ^ ^;

other than that nothin' much.

on tuesday i felt horribly guilty about being 15 minutes to pick up my students from school and in the end it wasn't even me that drove them to work but a coworker. having 2nd graders say how mad they are at you is not cute. the least i could do was give 2 of them some of the remaning boba i had bought from my 2nd pickup to make them feel a little better. zz i bet the little girl did feel better lol the boy, on the other hand, not sure but i think i'm going to give him this bulbasaur pencil sharpener to cheer him up, since he likes pokemon and all...hopefully i remember to...that pencil sharpener sucks and it is really old but it's really cute lol.

have to do some major studying next week. zzzer'


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