Thursday, June 24, 2010

the question is not when, but why?


this morning i had a staff meeting at my workplace and i was so out of it, even if it was at 10:30am that is still too early for me lol. i was also freaking out because i was like 5 minutes late but some people were even later than i was so yey. i guess the highlight of my day (not really...) was that i saw Philip Wang of Wongfu Productions crossing the street on my way to work. it's not like he's a celeb or anything but yeah haha...weird. i always knew i'd see one of them one day because i know they live really close to me lol.

at work we discussed what was coming up and stuff. to my surprise i got placed to teach 'scientific experiments' omg!...i did not sign up to teach that! the only good thing about teaching scientific experiment is that i get a co-teacher and we can both be clueless together! i was freaking the fuck out to my coworker and i got him to choose the activity, i'll tell him i'll choose the next activity the week after on tuesday. zzz! other than that, i'm pretty prepared for all the other electives i have. i need to find a easy song for my kids to learn a dance to though...i may have to end up using miley cyrus's 'party in the USA' if i can't find anything. EEEK O_O on a happier note, work starts at 1pm and if i didn't drop the class i got kicked out of, i would've lost an hour+ of work. *sigh*

afterwards, i went to costco to get gas and get a snack (churro and mocha freeze). i saw a student from work there and we just stared at each other for like 2 seconds and then waved at each other. i watched a bit of this china/korea collaboration film last night because i've been meaning to download it for my mom for the longest time called 好雨知时节/ Season of Good Rain but it also goes by an alternate name of Chengdu I Love You. I think the title is a saying from a famous Chinese poet named DuFu.

it stars Jung Woo Sung and Gao Yuan Yuan. I don't really know anything about Jung Woo Sung besides him being in this really old Giordano commercial with Jeon Ji Hyun. I don't know anything about Gao Yuan Yuan at all.

but anyway, the movie was nice. it didn't really move me but it's cute. mandarin, korean, and english is spoken throughout the film. it might be hard to follow but it's mostly english. it would've been perfect for western theatres but i don't think anyone would watch it. i don't understand why the synopsis i read said there was like 3 stories when i only really noticed one. it also mentioned crap about 3 timelines but i didn't really notice anything too different. i liked sophie's revenge better, wayyy better.

i got my f21 order yesterday. the best thing about ordering from the site is probably the insanely fast shipping since they ship out from LA and i'm only like 10 miles away.

i'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. i want more hats and the jeans fit pretty well, so i'm pretty happy about that. definitely going to make another order in the coming weeks or months but it really depends if i can get jeans that aren't blue, gray or black. the last time they had khaki and white jeans, i put my size in the bag and they were out the next freaking day. -____-!

continuing on with my boredom, the archive button on tumblr is pretty cool. i wonder what all the pictures i've uploaded says about me.

i don't think in any of the things i've uploaded has anyone actually smiling with teeth. alot of it is casual...monochromatic...somewhat artsy?...mostly just gorgeous people, cameras, cities, cars,music, and food....yeah.

i'm also addicted to looking at chinese model 李小兵/ Robby Lee's sina blog. he's so so so good looking and stylin'. like d d d d dddayum and all his pictures are so nice.

i may not be 178cm but i want to replicate all his looks @_@. looking at him makes me want to go on a strict diet lol. all the girls oogling at him will be disappointed to know he's apparently an out and proud gay but damn he just oozes out cool and has a load of swagggg.

i forgot to mention that on sunday i went to get my eyes checked and my right eye is .25 worse, yet my left eye is the same. my SUPER nice optimetrist jokingly said that whatever i'm doing to keep it up. i told him i just used my crappy glasses to read stuff on the computer and watch tv and wear my other ones outside and he said that honestly, we can't control how worse our eyes get in the 20 years of his profession. what he said was pretty insightful, so crap about sitting too close to the tv isn't true.

later in the afternoon, my mom made me take her to 妈妈乐 which is this appliance store that specializes in woks and the vent(?) thing, the thing in the kitchen above the stove that sucks up the air? well anyway, she went there to buy some expensive ass taiwanese wok which was suppose to be amazing and shit. o_o ....yeah...i can't really tell my mom how to spend her money and neither can she tell me how to spend mine. >___>

today before going to in n out, i did a full pull up and chin up! LOL woo! i am so weak haha. i wish i could buy one of those bars that hang on the door frame but my house doesn't have the edge thing that it attaches on.


  1. Wowow, I've looked so hard for those jeans on F21 but I can't find them >.<. Oh and I'm actually buying those khaki jeans tommorow :) wooooo. Now i need some loafers, the thing is I don't know any places to look -.-

  2. I hope you find that special someone on day =)

    OMG you saw Philip Wang :O I would so jump him ahhhh!!! Chinese youtuber ftw!!!