Sunday, June 20, 2010

we run LA (literally).

well atleast after the lakers game. people are freaking savages lol, i couldn't even watch the news because of the stupid breaking news about things on fire and unlawful groupings.

cred: LA times.
i wonder how they got the walmart cart because the carts are suppose to be magnetized to stay within the store boundaries. O-o

but what can i say? sports don't really interest me, especially since i suck at all sports but when my crappy city has something to boast about, then i'm all in! (lol)

born and raised!~ niggahhh
my jersey still fits me LOLL well kind of. i got it as a kid...from an old chinese school teacher...since chinese people love basketball and all lol.

eeehh i have nothing much to say. this week was finals week so I either studied or be bored at home. At work i had to watch a classroom of rowdy 5th graders for TWO DAYS! god!! i had to sit there and pray for the rowdy kid's parents to pick them up ASAP because it was boring at the same time since no one had homework. i only had two finals this week since my other two classes were at another community college and finished two weeks prior. on tuesday, my english teacher had to report for jury duty so i didn't get to say bye :( but hopefully i did well on my essay. i really want an A but i might end up with a B huhu...and then friday was my last final of spring semester and i hopefully did very well on that because my teacher basically gave it to us a week prior and we were allowed to type a cheat sheet in font size 10 to bring to class. i spent two good days looking up all the answers and tried to be as clear and grammatically correct as possible. i guess another reason why i blog is because i want to be a better writer and blogging sort of helps...well it can. my history professor was so nice to me as i turned in my paper and test ^ ^. i really need to go to her class on monday and sell some of my books back. i have NEVER sold any of the books i bought because i am too lazy to...eesh but they could be beneficial for my brother. at the community college i finished earlier...i got an A in stats and a B in comparative politics *sigh!* sad...all the transferrable political science classes i have taken, i've gotten B's... and to call myself a polisci major. well i'm almost finally free! i just looked up what i need to take to fully be considered a junior ( pre reqs included ) and i only need about 3 classes. now i just need to write a stellar personal statement so UCLA will take me. i've been wanting to go there since HS Y--Y

friday was my little brother's highschool graduation. ughh it was so boring and i only went because my dad loves to make excuses not to go so i had to tell him that i would drive and my mom had to go to work. my little brother never went to my own graduation either (POS!). i also had to drive my brother to rehearsal and everything because his HS's ceremony is at a nearby community college rather than their football field like everyone else. that day i drove back and forth a total of 4? times. i was so exhausted that night i just went to sleep at 11pm without showering and my tv was on throughout the night. such a waste of electricity and my hair was really flakey from this hairspray i've never used. zzz...

stupid girl has to hold up her phone!

some girl that sat near my dad and i left her digicam on the bench while we were watching but came back to get it. if she totally left it there i would've scored a new digicam after the ceremony.

i don't really remember crap from my graduation. i just took pictures with a few friends and my parents nagged me to leave, so i didn't get to take pictures with everyone i knew. my brother on the otherhand, literally went off by himself to do that while my dad and i just sat around. god it was so boring. especially since my brother had nothing to really be proud of. he surrounds himself with pretty smart and diligent people! i still can't understand why he couldn't just follow their habits. GOD!! my grades weren't that bad in HS but i don't know i couldn't really picture how i'd be financially away from home so i've gone this direction, which i've come to hate and love at the same time. i wouldn't have found my job (which i like very much) if i didn't stay home and i wouldn't have helped my mom find her current job. sighh too much! tooo much.

so anyway, the other day after i showered i did my usual (put toner, then benzoyl peroxide, and finally anti oxidant serum) but the pump for the serum just went flat. *tear* fuckin' 20$, 1oz. bottle of anti oxidant serum gone like that. the price we pay for beauty...-__- but i really believe it has helped me because in March my face was THIS BAD AND THIS IS A CELLPHONE PICTURE. IMAGINE HOW MUCH WORSE IT COULD LOOK IF IT WASN'T ONE.

but yeah, i found the cause of my acne and it's healed pretty nicely thanks to AHAs,BHAs, benzoyl peroxide, anti oxidant serum, & sunscreen. now i just have left over concealer i want to throw away because i don't really need it anymore.

now i look like this :)! 3 months after.

i hate how my lips look upclose...sorry. i also hate my freaking flat, asymmetrical, and undefined face.

i don't really need to retouch my pictures as badly as i did a couple months ago. woo lol. i barely found out how to make my pictures look vintage-y, so yeah, ignore that because i'm having this phase where i like playing with the filter.

also looking back, i wanted to see how skinny i was but i wasn't really successful in finding a really grossly skinny picture of myself because i was never really grossly skinny to begin with, but i was definitely skinny.

these were like in 07'...there was this picture of me in a jacuzzi with a bunch of friends in Irvine before too but i'm too lazy to find it. i think it was on myspace anyway and i deleted mine LONG TIME AGO.

and now looking at how far i've gotten (and still going).

i need to lose more fat...blah i want more definition (like lines going down where the red arrows are pointing and yeah..just more lines everywhere lol) but i'm not bad for someone who eats fast food almost everyday ey? i wish i could be one of those skinny fatless people that just did nothing but weights to get a nice body but i'm not. *cries* i need a tan i know...but i hate the sun so i'll skip on that.

ahhh i can only continue to keep working out and trying to eat healthy to see how i turn out but i have this love of fast food and junk, so this is as realistic as i can see it.

well here are some of the 'what i wore today' stuffs i had time to take pictures of (if you haven't already seen them on tumblr).

^i wore that to graduation and saw my friend steph there that day ^ ^ *heart heart*

and since i've run out of serum, i sought out and found this to be the cheapest and had the most fluid(product?). it was on clearance.
-Skin Nutrition with Phytomins Even-Tone Face Serum

vitamin C and kojic acid...wewt.
i bought 4 of these @ 13.xx$ ea. = 52.xx$ total with no tax+ free shipping and hopefully cashback if i did it through bing right...i hope i don't regret it and that it doesn't make my face itch or that the product smells like crap. i got the shipping confirmation today (saturday).

today (sunday) is like the end of my summer because i have 6 weeks of elementary mandarin to learn! again!! for like the 3rd time in my life. i think i have a 2 week break in between fall semester and the end of summer school but whatevers not like i have friends to hang out with anyway. easy A!

last sunday i bought new lip balm because i ran out! i've gone with natural beeswax now because Dr. Oz had this thing with this black chick and how she loved to eat her lip gloss and he took out this huge tub of crap and showed her how much artificial crap she consumed in a year and i'm scared. haha

i wish tumblr didn't flip it back sideways. i don't know how to get the URL of the full sized pic either...

i also changed the music player from youtube itself to a website widget. i think it makes the music load better and not make my follower and recent comment thing lag/not load as much. O-o



  1. I'm envious of how beautiful your skin has become! I'm so sad my acne has not gone away ever since I started college. :c It seems to get worse and worse.. T_T Recommend me something?!

    & I LOVE your song!! May I ask what it is? c:

  2. I just realized after leaving my browser on your page, that it plays multiple songs .. I love them all! May I ask what your playlist for your blog consists of? c: