Saturday, June 5, 2010


whattt? 21 people actually subscribe to read about me bitch about my life and whatnot? that's like half a classroom lol
for awhile i thought if my followers on tumblr surpasses my blogger followers...then it's official, no one cares for what i have to say. (not that i care [okay i care alittle], since i just blog because i don't really hang out with friends much to talk about stuff going on and so i just keep it to myself in my blog~)

speaking of my's going to be 1 year since i made this! like next month ^^ hee hee...abandoned my xanga for this...and then went to toronto for a week and then...came back and been writing an entry every week or so since...

ugggh i hate siblings. my little douchebag, whiney ass, obese little brother apparently couldn't hang out clothes by himself today because he feels like SUCH a slave and victim and tries to use it against me. uh..fuck you and your little whiney ass. i've washed everyone in my family's clothes + hung them out numerous times in my life so far and just one time, his fat ass can't hang clothes without feeling like i'm using him. jesus christ! he needs his ass beat by someone his own age...and see who the hell he'd to cry to then.

my mom left me 20$ to buy my brother and i lunch but in the end i just went by myself because his stupid ass was like "since you made me wait! i'm going to make you wait for me!", which is fucking stupid because i clearly told him if you don't want to hang out the clothes then go get ready and we'll hang them together. no one made him go outside and hang them but himself. i was like "get ready or not, would you rather have food or remain a irrational piece of crap" surprise that he took the irrational piece of crap route.

i went to mcd's by myself with my laptop but the wifi didn't would connect but i got nothing. argh if my day couldn't get any worse. i should've just went to this harmony tree student's 7th birthday party. atleast i'd be nice to see some happy people for the day. plus that that kid is just effing adorable and his parents are probably the most chillest people i've known so far. i could've gave him all my old pokemon cards because he loves pokemon. i don't really have a use for them anyway...unless i wanted to start a bonfire with them. it'd be so weird to talk and chat with his parents and other parents though..i don't really consider myself an adult and all. i wonder if my coworker went haha but then he'd probably go with his girlfriend. i won't have anyone to take. i'm such a loner >_>...~

after mcds i drove to the mall. my mission was to leave my brother starving and have him think about who was truly wrong. i only really went to go to H&M but i didn't really find anything i it's such a mess to go through all the racks and stuff to look for what i want. i also think i saw a classmate from my english class there with his group of friends...but yeah i'm not really the type to be like HEY! you...

you'd think that wearing nothing under a button up shirt would help with the 90 degree weather and having a car with no a/c...but nope...i was sweatin' like a biatch.

i've been wanting more loose fitting tanks so i can wear them out when its like 90 deg F outside like the ones i bought from AE last year but they were either really plain...expensive (like 12$ for one~HELL NO!)...or not very well sewn

like that..but the bottom for that isn't even the color is kinda ehh..

i also want something like this...but none in my size huhu.

whatever else i wanted to type i forgot already...
my stats class is over. i took my final on feels weird to not have night class anymore (atleast for now). that was probably my most favorite math teacher ever! i'm totally going to visit him in the spring after i find out where i get accepted and where i wanna go then. also thanks to him i know i'm not a failure at stats and that it was just that bitch ass professor that sucked major ass! ahh~~once summer session is over i'll probably be curious enough to see my grade [most likely an A... hopefully..] and get a transcript to transfer it over to my other CC to hopefully FINALLY clear my IGETC before spring of 011'. i really want to finish everything before spring...i've been in a CC too longggg

holy fudge i am bored. i am so annoyed i could've bought 2 jeans yesterday for 10$ cheaper but the f21 website had to change the sale price back. =.=! just 2 more weeks of school and then summer session shortly after! zz.

-edit- okay i can't leave it at this LOL i feel so boring.

here's a chinese dance crew that competed in san diego like 2 weeks ago! straight from the far east! well it's mostly HKers, 2 CN, and 1 TWer. preeetty sweet i love them already. one of the less popular groups :)


  1. Haha, I like the way you put that... (half classroom). Never thought of it that way but so true!

    I think I'm here because I like the way you write + I like looking at pics.

  2. 21, just like ur age ;)
    it's hot to see your face on blog ;) try to post pictures of urself from time to time!:D so did your lil bro starved to death or did he find other things to eat while u were gone??

  3. oww your little bro sounds exactly like my little sis! I'd take the money too and not worry about him if I were you haha..

  4. Ohh okay, thanks for letting me know! I made the comment box as a pop up now so it should be fine ^_^