Wednesday, July 21, 2010

보여줄게 모두다 ...

short entry today because i'm bored.

i've caught a cold...or is it caught a hot because it is summer? well anyway, i'm getting over this cold and i'm in the stuffy nose, thick boogers stage, with some running nose part of it. my throat was itchy feely on sunday...bleh. a student asked me if i was crying today because i kept trying to suck up air through my nose as i was writing up this student his punishment for hitting another kid when that kid hit him on accident (apparently). i side with the crying kid though, he's just so cute and i don't think he would hit a bigger kid anyway. the kid who made him cry probably has his own insecurities, because i can just tell...

Some guys were talking about working out and taking supplements today and i just sat there as if i didn't exist and didn't do the same things they were doing lol. i just like to keep to myself (i guess). basically it was just crap about taking protein and "how protein sucks and creatine is better", taking protein "is cheating" (which i don't really see how?), and blah blah junk. i don't know what i am trying to get across with but speaking of exercising, i want more thin hoodies to exercise in. i only have one...

let's see...i'm on the roof top level of plants vs. zombies and i've bought some junk.
i'm starting to adore the aussie store 'cotton on' more and more now because i find really cheap shirts there, in my size, and not ugly as fuck. it's probably be the only store i look forward to look around at the mall

5$ polo, 3.90$ vneck

also placed a f21 order...on their overpriced guy jeans. well these are relatively cheap compared to what they have to offer but 12$ girl jeans? unfair....

26.90$,26.90$, 5.90$...i've been wanting jeans that weren't gray or blue. i also wanted sunglasses similar to this...

but i fail, since his are full framed and i don't even know if those are big. whatevs

some randomness.

solar panel roofed parking lot, the only other neat thing i've seen besides this is wind powered turbines.

my bumper sticker has finally come.

here's a little cute and annoying happening today (7.22.2010)

three students were bickering at each other about how they disliked one another and why they are acting a certain catty way. i just sat infront of them listening and making sure they didn't get into a physical fight. (10 year old dramaaa *barf*)

another student came and told me "this is what always happens at my school"

i just replied..."ughh girls" lol. the bickering ones just went off about how mean each other is and we just listened. i then spewed some crap about how there are lots of mean people out there as you continue to grow up and i don't think they even listened.

the student then proceeded to try and stop the arguing but it didn't really work. i just told her to stay out of it and she was like "yeahhh people were mean to my mom. she wasn't really popular when she was little" and i was just in aw. that's cute how her mom can tell her about her experiences when she was a kid and her understanding is so sweet. what's even more surprising is she's only going to be a fourth grader (like 9 years old?)...ahhh i want a daughter like her lol (a son like that would be a blessing too). mature kids are the best.

that's all. *chewy faced emoticon*


  1. ahh i envy your work >__< i wanna work with children.

  2. Every time you mention your job, it makes me want it even more >.<. Lucky...

    As for my DSLR hunt, I think I've settled on a Panasonic Lumix FZ35. It's gonna cost me 365$ but I think overall the camera is more realistic for me and has video. WOO!

  3. Buy me a I <3 LA shirt..... :)

  4. suuure, what are you going to exchange with me? :P lol