Saturday, July 3, 2010

holding out my hands, can you feel the pain?

I’m reaching out to you, Crescent moon.

1 week of summer camp down, 7 more to go. god! i am so bored right now and i guess this is why i am blogging. i haven't worked as much as i have this week in awhile, tuesday-friday 1pm-6pm with a 45 minute break. on tuesday i was so unprepared for everything lol. my coworker planned to make rock candy for scientific experiment elective but that was a flop since ants got into the sugar water overnight. i also didn't realize that my second elective was not DRAWING & PAINTING but only PAINTING (the other peter got drawing), so i just made photo copies of this cartooning book and made everyone draw even if they were miserable as hell. i am such a horrible teacher LOL. tuesday was also bad because i don't think my boss got the materials i requested like 2 months in advance (_ _;), so i just had everyone draw or sit miserably for an hour in my "yarn art" class lol. i want to be the jump rope teacher man! LOL and just watch kids jump rope for an hour. i played tic tac toe with this kid named brendan for awhile before it got boring and just sat around. my dance class i was somewhat prepared for, i picked justin beiber's "eenie meenie" to dance to and tried to make the dance as simple as possible and in small chunks but yeah...1st-3rd graders with no drive....such a mess that was. these two volunteers/newly graduated students were nice enough to step in and help me though. that was SO SO nice of them to because it made my job SO much easier. they basically took over my class but they did a really good job at keeping everyones attention and shiz. they even got this really really tiny little girl to learn the first 5 counts. i bet they felt so accomplished and this cuuute ass kid from another class was like "that's easy, like this? *does it*" to me and i'm like :O ... _ _; you adorable child...

yesterday, i had library duty at work. i basically sat in this tiny room full of books and board games and kids would walk in and ask if they can check out a game. games cost fake money but since i'm nice i let some kids play for free. i would just sit in there with my laptop bored as hell and i streamed an episode of the simpsons but it got so boring i stopped (a crowd was gathering around me too and it was hard to hear because my laptop speakers suck). this 7th grader came in and complained to me how bored he was and so i let him play with my laptop until his parents came to pick him up but sadly the wifi died like 1hour-ish before work was over. i eventually just laid on the ground and watched some kids play connect four and two others draw on some mini white boards while attempting to nap.

on monday, i went to ghetto ELAC to request my transcript which i got in the mail today. i'll be going to my other CC to get credit for it towards IGETC and a pre-req like next next monday since this monday is considered a holiday even though the 4th of july is on sunday this year. i've also recently registered for my fall classes so i'm set on that too (yay).

my grades for spring...
stats -> A
english -> A
women's hist -> B
comparative politics -> B

my coworker on the other hand, got a 4.0 in spring semester...i didn't ask whether he just had easy classes or i just never knew he was smart...god i hate school.

tommorow is the 4th of july, USA's birthday and also my douchebag little brother's birthdate. a round of applause please hah. strangely, i feel sorry for my brother because he's going to have the worst driving teacher ever take him around to get familiar with driving. this freaking old chinese guy who smells like a damn ashtray and takes smoking breaks during your lesson. the most horrible experience ever. i hated how my mom kept forcing me to take lessons with him too instead of finding someone else. god! i would always be in such a bad mood because of that fucker and my mom is too stupid and lazy to find someone else to teach him. o well, my brother has a crappier temper than i do, so we'll see how he cracks.

i wanted to buy my brother a wallet from ROSS since he doesn't have one but i didn't find any, so i bought myself two belts instead. i've been wanting to buy a coach wallet from an outlet for awhile but i don't know...i don't want to spend a large sum of money for a wallet with no cash inside. i have no cash in my guess wallet right now either. @_@. i've been wanting some new belts since the only ones i have are like the fabric type with some GHETTO ASS buckles, so i got some levi ones from ROSS.

black one is $7.99, white is $9.99. they're probably like 2-4 inches too long since they're mediums but ah watever. depending on what i find, i guess i'll buy him a wallet later on or hand him mine (lol) and get a new one for myself.

with the left over lunch money my mother left my brother and i since she had to work this saturday, i bought us expensive boba. so good...i wish i could find a place that made it just as good but cheaper. *tear*

i guess it's also a treat for his birthday.

my boring outfit that i'm not even going to bother posting on soompi.

i also forgot to mention that i won a prize from a raffle. i'm so forgetful that i have to look at my old tumblr entries to remember stuff lol. i bought a raffle ticket two months ago and actually won something but it is not what i was expecting. before leaving work on tuesday, my coworker told me to "don't forget your plant" and i was like THA FUCK! i looked at the big plant on the table and it was my raffle ticket stub with my name and phone #. it's so big and i had to carry it to my car and figure out what to do with it. -__-. on the brightside, it was my dad's day off and he planted it. i was just going to leave it in the backyard and just leave it there...

my friend says it's a plumeria which is like a tropical looking flower. i guess she's right because i remember the raffle was to support some hawaiian dance club or something which is tropical?...

finally, tonight my mom came home earlier than my dad and didn't buy anything for dinner. she proposed that we should go out to eat and i frankly don't care. i said "sure~if it's because you don't want to do the dishes". so there, one of the few times the family eats out. that is my [alcoholic] dad as you can see and his smuggled rice wine or vodka in a water bottle. so embarassing…one of the reasons why i choose not to drink EVER. i don’t give a fuck how boring you think i am and how i bail out on parties and shit either. you had to be in my shoes in canada where i had to eat out like almost everyday and my relatives asked why i don't and my mom was like 佢 (? i don't usually type in cantonese.... lol but it translates to like "he doesn't dare to try") which i think makes me look bad -__- like a wuss kind of bad. the tab was like 96$. i proceeded to my brother with a "dammmmmn" and imagined how much fast food that could buy me for an extended period of time. i guess my mom and dad deserve it since my mom has been working overtime like crazy for like atleast a month now...


  1. Ahhh.. speaking of driving lessons, I still need to enroll in a driving school, haha. I've had my beginners license since february and have yet to take actual driving lessons T_T.

    And lmao at your Dad smuggling rice wine. My dad would probably do the same...

  2. Your dad is funny, i don't like the taste of alcohol so i can't imagine myself ever becoming an alcoholic...

  3. (I just wrote a comment reply and i lost it. Quite long actually...T.T)

    My camera isn't that great actually, I have a digital 10pixel camera and it often makes the pictures blurry, especially when the objects are moving. I really hope i can get a DSL within the next year or two, but I'm trying to spend most of my time studying nowadays since I want to go in to law. No time for money earning D: And guys who don't drink or smoke is a turn on! Supperr hottt! To me anyways. LOL, I'm sure there's other girls who's attracted to this (i know a few).

  4. (moved blogs ^^)
    The law school here at University of Toronto is probably one of the top ranked schools in Canada. I still DSLRs still look way cooler than digi cams. Even though they're heavier and bigger >o<

  5. hahaha thats so sad your mom gave you money to buy your own cake. What kind of cake did you get? lol

    i like the black belt it looks nice

  6. Hmm, I always though dual citizenships were cool. If I ever plan on staying in America for a long time I'll probably go for it too. Are you planning to come to Canada =D ?