Friday, July 16, 2010

i'm burning up. everything is burning up.

i reeeally need to make new friends or something. i asked my brother if he wants to go get a drink with me at midnight and he's all reluctant and fraudulent about it. god! such a killer, so i'm just here drinking some cold bottled water. he's all like "why don't you go by yourself", what do you think? don't even bother saying it twice because i already told you why! you are not funny. EHH! screw my life. why can't i have a nicer sibling that actually gets along with me? it is a little below 90 degrees in my room right now, wouldn't it be nice to go outside and get some cool fresh air for a bit? apparently to him, no.

picture of my pain. pain from the heat, children, and douche of a brother.

on monday, i drove my brother to school so he can get his financial aid completed and wasted two drives (am i not underappreciated?) to still get denied because my brother is an idiot. first he was a huge bitch about not needing to bring all the things on the list but he didn't bring a copy of his SS card to further process his financial aid so i drove him home to make a copy. second time i drove him back there his ass got denied because his SS card wasn't signed. F-!

for the rest of the week i dealt with crying kids and kids who just wouldn't listen. i had to yell alot and i don't think my voice projects well or is scary enough for my class. i NEVER EVER am considering a career in teaching K-3...that's for sure. preferrably, i'd want a class where kids don't think they can be so self righteous yet and still look up to and listen to the teacher. I guess that would be like 4th or 5th grade/ 9-11 year olds. Before I ever started working with kids, all i thought kids would ask me was if i watched the same tv shows and junk they do but all i ever get is.

peter, do you go to college?
peter, do you have a girlfriend?
peter, do you live with your parents?
peter, why do your pants have holes in them?

well anyway, this realization all started with tuesday where i watched a classroom full of 2nd graders for silent reading. this little boy and little girl grabbed the same book and were saying "i got it first!" and started making a scene (omg...). my whole classroom started getting up and surrounding them and being like "oh play rock, papers, scissors to decide!" and in my head i'm just trying to figure out how to solve this quick and not hurt anyone (still happened though). I nicely asked both of them if they could just find another book to read but it didn't to end it i said "okay whoever gives up the book first gets 20 harmoney/fake usable money" and the little girl did. she then got a new book and went to her seat and the little boy was just there crying. in the end, no one even read the damn book! i tried to talk to him but it didn't work so i just let him pick himself back up. he did stop crying but he was being really obnoxious afterwards because some kids were just hoarding books on their tables to pretend they were owners of a book shop and started grabbing their books without asking. he argued that the books weren't theirs, which yes i do acknowledge but that doesn't mean you don't have to ask politely because all the hoarders were nice enough to give up their books as long as they got the books back. JESUS...too much for me.

on wednesday, my little k-3 dance class was insanely out of control. i didn't have my helpers so it was really hard. i didn't want to teach them anything new because i think they've learned enough so i said we would play a game. the game didn't work out at all because i have like a handful of kids that won't pay attention and another that does. i ended up getting a jumprope and putting the routine song (eenie meenie) on repeat. i tried to make it an orderly game of jumprope and that sort of helped but oh my god, i didn't have an adult or older kid to help me turn the rope on the other side so kids started fighting for that too. there ended up being a screaming match where one girl outscreamed everyone and i was like THAT IS IT NO MORE and put it away. i had everyone just sit down and i let some kids play with their nintendo DS if they had one and just wished everyone was called home. T___T. not only that happened, but little kids like to pick up and carry the EVEN LITTLER kids ALL THE TIME and i saw one of my students literally fall over with a littler student in her hands tripping and then somersaulted on the floor over her with her in hands. they were both okay but oh my god, the images of something catastrophic happening just wouldn't leave. I just couldn't yell anymore...

thursday and today/friday was better (i guess) because i had less responsibilities besides supervising areas. thursday was the best because i just had to play movies on a projector and sit in a dark room with my laptop while kids who paid fake money to watch a movie watched it. my niceness gets the best of me though and i end up letting little kids play with my laptop. little soon to be 5th graders going on facebook *shudders*. today, i did the same thing but outside. so so boring but i let this kid play with my laptop while i played with his DS. it was fun for awhile but then it quickly got boring (especially when his touch screen wasn't up to par). Another student saw me playing cooking mama and she said she wanted to play me since she has cooking mama 2 so i played her. I only won her twice and i blame the losses on the screen. Later, another student joined us with her DS and then another, so it got kind of exciting with 4 players playing cooking mama haha.

if my little children fiasco wasn't bad, the weather totally flipped and just sucks major nuts. high 90s and even 100 deg. F days this week. half of the power went out at work today/friday, so it was horrible until it came back on. it was still horrible but i got a fan and placed it next to me at my supervising post. ^ ^...i brought my DSLR today but i wasn't in the mood because it was so hot with the dead + slow a/c and crap but i did take some pictures though.

summery colours~

me: tiffany, i am bored!
tiffany: *points to connect four*
i played two rounds...and lost both.

games, games, games.

i bring my laptop and i barely even use it myself because people beg me to let them use it...

my coworker asked me if i was up for clubbing after work today. i said i wasn't really a clubber but now im just thinking "what if". it'd be nice to go out with new people though...ugh screw my life. i don't's not like i can't dance or anything...i'd just rather not pay to get all sweaty, listen to really loud music, and bump with drunks.

i forgot that i also had a picture from tuesday. it was my coworkers turn to figure out something to do, and for science lab this week we made apple cider. all you need is dry ice and apple juice and everyone is happy because of all the smoke bubbling out of the dry ice.

ughhh excuse my crappy cellphone camera. i didn't make one for myself but apparently it really does taste like soda? next week, we'll be inflating balloons with baking soda and vinegar.

and to add to my horrible teaching skills, depressing pictures by some students!


with my work week aside, i have a NY soompi friend who's actually down to buy me a I *heart* NY shirt so in exchange i'd get her a I *heart* LA one. once she gets hers i'll have to make plans to find mine because i don't even have one myself. this will be a great excuse to go to hollywood. i've actually already planned it and this needs planning because i hate driving and paying for parking. i'll be using LA's "amazing" public transit system LOL. only the purple and red lines are subway transit. the other colors are light(as in not fast) rails...which are powered by a wire over the car and nothing like the skytrain in vancouver (as in not rapid)...huhu.

and here is NYC's for comparison. this blows my mind.

if anna can come with me, i'll be going next saturday!
tokyo is also prone to earthquakes and this is what they got.

EHH! i understand that LA is a relatively young city compared to SF but Shanghai is really only like 20 years old and has become a metropolis (AND has a bigger subway).

the last major skyscraper built in downtown was 89, the year i was born...

21 years later? lol sad, sad, sad.

so anyway, i might be splurging on two jeans, two shirts, a belt, and a pair of sunglasses right now. ahh my wallet...but i deserve a pat on the back for this week...i also have this damn pimple above my left eyebrow that won't pop...damn my erratic sleep schedule and crazy children.

oh this reminds me, i did those stupid blogger things but on tumblr (since i post junk almost daily there). i shall repaste now...chung and "froggie" tagged me.

10 things that I like?

  • i like people who are like me…people who embody me? (does that sound too creepy and strange?)…people who have the same standards and blah blah blah as me.
  • i like fast food/NORMAL food much more than sit down/dine in fancy meals
  • coffee…soda…boba
  • my single eyelids but i hate them at the same time
  • going out and taking photographs
  • i also love milk..
  • getting packages in the mail and opening them
  • i like eating cake…mainly for the frosting/cream
  • i like reading and checking and almost daily
  • seeing people on facebook go “EARTHQUAKE!!” or just people bandwagoning on current events because i find it funny

The rules are:
- Link to your tagger and list the rules
- List 7 random facts about yourself
- Tag 7 people (and make sure you check back and see what they say!)
- If you’re tagged, play along and pass it on!

  • girls have hello kitty and i have doraemon. i have a small collection of doraemon stuff and my cellphone wallpaper has been the same doraemon wallpaper for almost 2 years now.
  • i hate being spotted and seen out in public by people i know, even if i bother to look nice I just hate it.
  • i eat food from fast food joints atleast 3 times a week…
  • i bite my straw whenever i have a drink…even boba straws…so yeah, i’m a biter.
  • i was the first in my household to get a cellphone?…after saving some money from my first job i got myself a cellphone after highschool at 18 (nearing 19) and quit that piece of shit job like 2 months after i got hired.
  • at night, i brush my teeth in the shower…i take my tooth brush and tooth paste in there and rinse with the shower head… :P also…i only wash my body with water if i don’t feel dirty or sweaty enough :xxx
  • when i first held a blackberry i had no idea how to operate it…(lisa knows this, it was her phone.) and even though i know it had a qwerty keyboard, i still had trouble finding letters. it was some of the most embarassing shit ever lol.
  • i like cheesey ass chick flicks and probably don’t have the balls to sit through an entire horror film…new ones anyway…only ones i’ve watched are really old…like before computer graphics were used…
i'm not tagging anyone though, i actually hate these but enjoy.


  1. LOL sorry to laugh at your ~pain~ but for some reason it sounds soo funny right now. Those little kids look adorable too... but I do understand how chaotic it can get with them. I use to volunteer at an elementary school a few years ago. Kids can be real bastards. XD

    Love the LA/ NYC subway comparison btw. Hahahahah holy crap.

  2. bahahahaha omg this was so funny to read!! I'm in no way trying to demean what happened to you. Hopefully things will work out for you!.. you know, the heat & children & people taking advantage of you .__. thanks for the good laugh.

  3. HAHAHAA i love the sad pictures =].
    where are you from?


    ...lmao at the sad pictures they drew about the class, and holy shiznuts on the subway comparison pictures. I've never been on a subway except for that one time in the Philippines.

  5. !!! I usually buy size 32's but NOW i literally need to put on a belt or It would fall down pretty easily. I would totally get a size 30 if I were buying these myself and not online but I've never done the online shopping business so I'm wary of getting a size that might be too small.

    I don't even know why I typed out this comment when I could've solved the problem myself by measuring my waist with measuring tape... lmao. Oh well, free comment for you.