Sunday, July 25, 2010

in the heat of Los Angeles

bored...i'll type an entry and then i'll dust my floor of all the hair i've cut off my head >_>...

oh man i just typed a bunch of crap and used the shift + period button to make a heart and the HTML closed the tag and took away a bunch of what i typed. now i have to back track. well anyway, i'm tired of reading "inception" related posts on facebook. rather than making me want to watch it, i want to punch my moniter.

on friday, i woke up and wasn't scheduled to work, so i bagged all the recyclables in the backyard and went to cash it in for lunch money with no thanks to my brother. i got home after cashing it in and bought both of us some food at mcds and went to the shitty mall to walk it off. i also wanted to check out this cardigan i saw online but i didn't see it in my size so i have to resort to buying it online. i'm glad i did though because theres a jacket that's quite cheap too. No more shopping for me for awhile now though, i need to save up and possibly (or most likely) buy the new ipod touch. *prays it'll have a nice camera so i can use the polaroid app!!!*

22.90$, 20$

so i have a NY soompi friend who was willing to buy me an "I *heart* NY" and little did i know she actually got me one. i said i would get her a "I *heart* LA" one in return and we can exchange it. i've never been to NYC and she's never been to LA, so this is preetty sweet. :) she got my shirt on wednesday and on saturday my friend was down to go to hollywood with me too so...

yesterday, i woke up earlier than my alarm was set because my lower innards were cramping and i already knew it was diarrhea. i don't get why it happens because i eat the same things pretty regularly... i didn't eat anything different. i feel kind of gross typing this and letting people know what goes on in the bathroom but whatever, i'm a dirty asian. lol anna texted me like 10 minutes before i was about to leave saying she just woke up and to pick her up at 12:30 instead of 12, so i just took my time and left my house at like 12:05pm. i picked her up and got some mcds drive thru (20 pc nuggets and sweet tea). we then proceeded to go to one of the gold line stations and park and took our food with us. either we were going to eat while waiting for the rail to come or just hold onto it for awhile. after we bought our tickets from the machine, we walked towards the rail car even though the doors were closed. the doors opened back up for us O_O haha. we rode to union station and got off to find the restrooms because we had to pee real bad. after the restroom, we went to go find a shady place outside to eat but there was no convenient shadey spot for us but there's a waiting room so we just ate in there. union station is also a station for the amtrack and metrolink, so there are people with luggage who are waiting to ride the train to san diego and i don't know where else it goes. after we were done eating we went to the subway station to ride to hollywood. we boarded the purple line train first and then stopped at a transfer point to hop on the red line. we didn't really have to wait long, which it was nice. the longest we probably waited was about 5 minutes and it was a saturday too. we're dumb and got off a bunch of times to find some crappy places like...the church of scientology...and katsuya restaurant (where some celebs lauren from the hills [if you consider her a celeb]). one of the stops is right next to the W hotel and anna called her sister to ask where the kodak theatre was. later, her sister found out for us and it was apparently at the next stop so we boarded the train again and got off. we struck tourists central. i had to go pee again so we walked to the nearest mcds and i took a piss then waited outside because the girls line was like hecka long and anna was in it. in my mirrored aviators, i texted anna that i was waiting outside to get some breeze and cool off because i was sweating buckets and watching people sell star maps/directions to celebrity homes. after anna got out, we walked to the store next to mcds and found our shirts (score!). they're really was 4 shirts for 10$. i got one for me, one for my soompi friend, anna got one for herself, and i got another one in a different design. at one of the souvenier stores closer to the nearby theatres, they go for like 14$ for one O_O. after buying the shirts we wanted, we just walked to the 3 story plaza where the janice dickinson modeling agency was...(i don't know the name of it lol), then by the kodak theatre, and to the chinese theatre. we took pictures like tourists and also went into forever21 but it wasn't as big as the one in old town. i wanted to go to zara but ehh we were running low on time because anna had something to do around 5ish with her cousin or some shit. overall, it was fun! i'm definitely going back and stopping by pershing square and 7th st to explore more ^^.


the traffic i avoided.

the shirt i was looking for (to the right).

the backside of union station and a bit of the LA skyline.

an actual train going somewhere (and some person climbing it o_O).

one of the subway stations. so blurry...i was walking while i took this. i don't like wasting time doing manual settings to take pictures when i'm not by myself so it's on automatic and autofocus >_>.

capitol records building...

W hotel...


the chinese theatre

the el capitan theatre

some stars on the sidewalk. i wanted to take a pic with the britney spears one but some girl was taking her sweet ass time with it.

double decker tour bus.

from a souvenier store. :)

the stop we were looking for.


here's a pic of us trying to look urban...

anna sucks at taking pictures lol. here's some pictures not found on my tumblr.

miley and i. O___O a shame that it is blurry.

really looks like i'm touching her...o-o (and uh...jerkin' myself)

i look like i'm taking a dump and photoshopped myself in

yep that's it. another week of work coming up...zzz...
agenda for tomm: 1) go to post office 2) work out 3) laundry 4) sleep early...

oh and i finished plants vs zombies! D: (now im just unlocking everything)


  1. i think the cardigan and jacket looks really nice, please do take pics of you wearing it once you get the package :]. yay! thanks again for mentioning me, that made me smile<3 :D, i will let you know once i mail out. i really do adore the pictures that you took, haha the one with miley is definitely one of the funniest pictures that you posted..hehe, but geez this makes me want to go to LA, especially Hollywood (jealous that you live near it). i think i need to make myself start a new blog also..i will write longer comments in the future :].

  2. lmao it really does look like your groping Miley, but I guess she's used to it by now? D:

    And, I'm not sure what to exchange with you... What canadian-ish things do you want? :D I might be heading to the mall later today so I'll check for things there

  3. Peter,

    If you would like a pair of red fluffy Canadian Olympic mittens then maybe I could find some at Walmart or something for you:D

    I can pretty much obtain everything except alcohol and narcotics@@!! Hahah.

  4. Omg BeaverTails... You actually asked me at the right time since the ONLY time they sell those are at a yearly carnival fair thingy that is happening on August 11th.

    I guess I could send you some of those? But I'd have to freeze it and shit... And even if I did freeze it I'm not sure how it would hold up during the shipping process XD.

    ... But if you really want them, then I'll send you like 2 or 3 :o

  5. WTF, you have Facebook?!?!?. Add me bro :O

    But yea.. I've always wondered what it would be like to be in one :(. It would be a lie to say that I could care less, cause right now I CARE XD

  6. Not sure what you mean by URL... but I'm just gonna guess:

  7. LOL at the dude climbing the train :O! & the el capitan theatre is so glam... like how they show it in the movies, I love it!