Thursday, July 8, 2010

my love is bittersweet.

god i hate it when i put soda or brisk in the fridge and my brother drinks them without putting in a new can. GOD!!! someone needs a beat down -__-!

there is a 'community' marathon but i don't really watch it enough to know what is going on. i will just snack on this granola bar and finish this blog before i work out as usual.

so July 4th was Independence Day and I wanted to go to the park to take pictures but my lazy ass, piece of crap little brother wouldn't go with me. I ended up sitting on the sidewalk and taking pictures from there and managed to get atleast one good shot from that night. All my neighbors and stuff gathered by the sidewalk to is strange but comforting, i guess. i also hate it when my dad shouts out random things and expects a reply or drunk talk?... so embarassing because he was doing that as my brother saw some kids lighting up a already used firework and they left a burning tube of cardboard on the sidewalk.

many of the pictures i took were too blurry and weird because i don't have a tripod and most of the time i don't hold the camera still or long enough. i also don't know the sony equivalent of the canon DSLR's TV mode -__-. i think this picture is beautiful though. too bad i don't know those neighbors in the frame so i could give them this picture.

so i cleaned up my room and changed my pillow cases since it's been awhile since i've last washed them. i'm going back to using my tokidoki pillow cases...weee...! these weren't even meant for me but to be discrete, i bought them for a married couple AND DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE GOING THROUGH A SEPERATION (someone else told me this and it ended up to be true). I ended up going with a plan B and didn't want to spend anymore money so i gifted this missha giftbox that was meant for me (lol blah) and kept this.

i dusted my floor, cleaned up my tables, and also remembered to change the solution to all the lenses i never wear. circle lenses are such a waste of money lol i'm over them (it has taken me 2 years to). they were fun for awhile and now it's just blehhh i don't know + the media has been on it. i have five pairs sitting on my sink and i never wear them but i took the initiative to wear a pair the other day and then quickly took them off because they're not great to wear for a long time. i'll probably trash them in december because i don't even remember when i got all the pairs i have right now.

anyway, today i went to school to turn in my transcript so i could get credit for the classes i took at another school. i walked to the information desk since i didn't figure out where to go beforehand via the school website and the not very enthusiastic lady and i were just questioning each other back and forth. i did end up getting it done though...even after that lady killed my mood...yay.

she told me to go to the records dept so i could have my transcript enveloped opened and the very nice sassy, friendly, black lady just asked me a bunch of questions about why i took those classes. ughh i hate explaining myself but she was so nice. i was like...most of my classes i've taken here besides those and one is to help clear the IGETC and the other is a pre-req but i'm not done with IGETC yet (i guess because those are suppose to be due at universities by next week).she later asked me if i had a copy of it myself yet and i said 'no' so she stamped it to make sure it has gone through the records office and gave a copy to me and was like "keep this in a safe place okay, so when you see a conselor and they say they didn't receive this then you can be like *whips out paper and strikes a "OH HELL NO YOU DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT" face* ahaha she's so cute ^ ^ she definitely brightened up my afternoon. after that she just said "well that's it!" and i proceeded with a thank you and left for home.

yesterday, my 'yarn art' kids kept complaining about how boring my class is. just 6 more weeks of that...6 more weeks of hearing kids complain. my little first to third grade 'dance' class has been taken over by two soon to be high school freshman girls. it is nice but i feel kind of useless but the kids do seem to take a liking to them. i just stood on the side and did our little routine with my class. i guess to thank them i'll ask them if they'd like me to bring them in-n-out or something on the 7th week of camp for lunch. i think a reason to why they like helping my class though is because one of the girls really likes little kids and interacting with them and such, which is cute because she was quite stuck up as a student.

oh! i also installed plants vs zombies on my laptop and started playing on tuesday. started with me playing and then some kids helped me play and now i've gotten to level 3 or whatever. lol. yesterday my internet was being weird because all the lights on the router were green but i couldn't go online...i was going to play but thank god the internet worked again.

a typical choice of lunch for me.
and speaking of food, i had some awesome ass mushroom pizza yesterday at work.


  1. Oh shit... I want that burger RIGHT NOW. :(

    Ahh your job seems like fun >.< I wish there was a job like that where I live, cause i'd totally be all over it. -.-

    And LMAO @ the black lady. There are literally 0 black people where I live, so whenever I see one I get all excited and shiz. Ahhh...the joys of living in a small city >.<

  2. Yum, yum! I had McDonalds for lunch today and they have this awesome deal where I got a burger + 2 apple pies + small drink (but really you could've got the largest size for the same price) for under $4.

    Anyways, cute pillows and great pictures, including the self cam. Artsyy!

    - Jenni.S

  3. I don't think I'd be eating mcdonalds anytime soon again. It gave me stomach pains yesterday :(
    I really wish the Biotherm stuff will do a good job since I spend a good amount of cash on that XD

  4. That is an awesome 4th of July pic!! Love looking at 4th of July pics... I really want to go to the States one day for 4th of July because that's my bday and I'd like to see everyone celebrating as well (although they'd have no clue about me... but you know what I mean)

    & you look great in those circles!! (but I get how they can get sort of bleh). Like I've tried quite a few pairs and have found my fave one so I'm going to just stick with that one/ that series from now on. That way I won't be wasting anymore more $$ :D

  5. He probably did :P That tofu line was really really really long. I think alot of people misunderstood my hair post. Most likely because I wrote the entry super fast and didn't get the main points across. I didn't mean to say that I'll cut my hair short... I'll provide pictures in my hair post soon >_<

  6. what kind of camera do you have?

  7. OMG, i completely forgot angelababy and Janice man. they're sooooo hottttttttt