Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

i feel like i can't really verbally talk right now but i'll try.

well anyway, i accompanied my parents to a wedding dinner last night to celebrate the marriage of like an aunt's son or something...i don't know. i would say cousin but i don't even know the people who got married. it was probably by far the most westernized wedding dinner i've been to. all the elderly and my parents must've felt so alienated and weird because there was a DJ not playing any old chinese music and the reception people just spoke english. i didn't know anyone there and i was just dying to leave. i didn't even get any cake...huhu. there was also a photobooth but there was always a damn line. i didn't have anyone to take pictures with anyway...besides my douchebag little brother. the only good thing that came out of it was an excuse to dress nice.

i took my DSLR anyway...atleast i could play around and get some nice pictures

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! THE DANCE FLOOR IS NOW OPEN!! lolll *blasts music not fitting for old chinese people*

i bought that dress shirt from american eagle sooo long ago and never wore it. i was sitting and eating and felt something poke me and found the tag. i could've returned it at the time without receipt and get a good amount of store credit back because i bought that with a 40% off coupon lol.

if i ever get married...i want a small gathering...nothing fancy, just something everyone can enjoy and play some cheesey love songs burned on cds, placed on a cd changer, and played over and over again.

at work...i don't know...the usual...bad kids that have TOO much fun, kids getting hurt, and things breaking. my dance class was hella crazy on wednesday because i didn't have helpers...last year i had another teacher help me which was so much easier. this 6th grader kid made my kids chant 'peter dance!!' and it was soo embarassing because i was writing up a bunch of tickets to kids that weren't paying attention too and i was just like 'omg what do i do' in my mind. it was crazy!! ahhh! i'm glad i had a coworker nearby and she has like a dead class to help me.

outcome of the tickets. 40 standards, serve atleast 30 minutes of dentention, and can't bail yourself out. i'll give out more standards next time...

on friday, i had one of the most boring staff assignments, the library. i basically lie on the floor for like 3 hours. on fridays, the library also sells snacks so it have kids blocking the rec area, so i just had some older kids help with that as i was lying on the ground and tried to keep kids out of my space. i also put away the returned books and organized the shelves that had crappily placed books.

the kid using my laptop broke his slipper and i covered his foot up with a big piece of paper and taped it up like crazy for him. i saw the little girl on the chair with her parents at the market today, she didn't see me though hehe...she's super cute and alot of the older kids are very sweet to her. she would call out her classmates walking by and asked if they wanted to buy anything. she looks bigger in the picture...but she's a kindergardener, so she's super tiny. the girl showing her something slipped on a puddle in the kitchen behind me. i felt SO bad because i could've prevented the whole thing...gah. she didn't cry much though and hopefully she's alright. i didn't see how she fell...after i gave her an icepack we just shared a small bag of chips and she seemed to be fine...

on wednesday, i went bowling with some coworkers and my boss after work...and i sucked the most. everyone like actually knew how to bowl and i just tried to throw it straight. i was never an athlete and never will be. i had the lowest score for both games. afterwards, we just ate at garden cafe and went home before work the day after. it was such a sad outcome that only 5 of us were there though, one wasn't even working with us anymore.

i also bought a shirt from cotton on yesterday for 4.90$ but i don't want to bother taking a picture of it. it's sea foam green and a scoop neck tee (like the neck hole is big). it looks weird alone...i'll probably pair with a jacket or something when it gets cooler or when i go out at night.


i've been wanting to get a bag to put my DSLR in + eyedrops + sunscreen + lip balm + whatever going out stuff because i've been using this tiny polaroid camera bag for my DSLR since i've gotten it. T__T.

i want something that doesn't scream 'i'm going to steal stuff' but also nothing too feminine as well...gahhh i'm so cheap.

i'll leave with a picture i


  1. omg... how awkward it must've been for you at that wedding... 0.0

    I have an italian wedding to go to in two weeks, and I won't know anyone and I'll be the only asian there... it will be awkward T_T

  2. your blog is pretty cool :D
    I like your style too lol.

  3. bowlingg, haven't done that in...5 years. I'm liking your outfit there. And I see a patrick, with his face stuck on the wall save him! D: