Friday, August 27, 2010

coming out of a shitty situation.

ooo summer is coming to an end and i'm just wasting away. i'm not getting any younger nor am i making any new friends. i had made plans with 2 of my like 5 (...yeah that's all i got) friends this weekend but since they're so in demand and i just don't have much of a social life, i just have to let them do whatever. i can't be some bitter ass bitch about stuff like that because that's just life and i gotta deal with it. in the end, i pretty much have to depend on myself. they still want to hang out but the next rescheduled weekend is on labor day weekend? i don't predict that happening...sorry~

anyhoo~instead of a trio, lisa and i went as a duo today (wednesday the 25th) because i'd rather be out of my stuffy ass home + it was to get her out of feeling guilty for having to bail this weekend in favor of going to vegas. everyone and their damn moms in my area code have returned from vegas last weekend and is still uploading pictures from it on facebook. it was a 100 deg F day but fuck it! i'm determined to fulfill my little bucket list and lisa was a trooper for following me lol.

late in the afternoon, lisa brought me to in n out and watched me eat breakfast - __ - ~. lisa also watched my contoured jaw melt off, so i just gave up and wiped it all off. we set off to the rail station and hopped on the train towards downtown again because i haven't explored it enough just yet.

on the ride back home.
so yeah~first we went to pershing square which is a little park in the middle of downtown. i just learned that the "500 days of summer" bench (or whatever the fuck) is like 1 block away in another park too. the park had some crap going on and there were lots of people just laying around so it was kind of awkward to take pictures but we did anyway. here are mine.
the "iconic" US Bank tower. the tallest building in LA and built 20 years ago...the architect of it is chinese :]
hard to believe that this is LA...(i'm obviously a deprived suburban person)
pershing square is literally a square and yeah...i always thought it was standard for a park to have a baseball field and stuff but
cute ad in the subway station.
lol we also stopped at macarthur park and yeah...i've never felt like such a minority until i reached there.
a view from the macarthur park station.
after that stop, we just went to universal studios because we were going to go to koreatown but the combination of lisa's blackberry and mcd's wifi being such a slow ass bitch that we just gave up. we didn't want to bother to find the galleria by foot. the sun was also setting so i don't know if the stores would still be open.

justin bieber 'baby'!!

and here's the setting...or around the same general area. i actually went to the same neon bowling place too when i was like 12. it's like upstairs somewhere.
the last time i went here was march of 2009. boa was promoting her first ever english album.
while we were walking near "bubba gump" there was a person in a shrimp costume and these two random white guys asked us to take a picture. i thought they were tourists asking for help to take a picture, so i asked 'do you have a camera?' but they were just stuck up douchebags wanting us to take pictures of them? maybe they thought we worked for some website or something but what the fuck? this ain't jersey shore. we don't give a fuck about attention whores.
NBC Universal building o-o...i counted 32 floors? so it's around 400-500ish ft tall?...the closest i'll ever be to 30rock hahaha. i'll visit manhattan someday.
the rest of the pictures are just lisa and i being stupid tourists (even though we've been here before). let's see.
yuck. i needa go back and get a nicer picture with this globe thing.
betty boop and i.
here's a what did i wear that day (i guess~). we were waiting for the shuttle to take us back down the hill. i was so friendly to the bus driver lol he must've thought i was a tourist...he just seemed like he was in a good mood, so i just had to be in one too :T~
it was still so hot as it turned to night. why did i choose to wear jeans!
the rest is just us waiting for the subway train to take us back to union station. on one of the stops back, this homeless family came into our subway train and played music/sung for donations. gahh i felt the need to donate, so i donated a dollar. lisa took a picture of them i think but i'd rather not show them anyway. it's the least i could do. there was also a sweet grandma and grand daughter clapping along and also donating, and  also two other friendly black people giving a nice compliment after their little performance, that was a sweet and heart warming sight.
holding my ticket in pain~ with no empty benches to sit on. i have a big head.
we went to macy's plaza too but that place is like a shitty faux mall (eaton centre blows that place out of a shit hole). upon returning to the station, the po po (police) was there to check tickets and fine those who went past the checkpoint without one. geez~
why didn't lisa's face melt off? or...why is her skin so nice? or is she just hogging all the good light?
effing double chin and flat face!
so many it sad that i like to drag my friends into this? hahah...

the night before i went out exploring, i also went bowling with my coworkers again. yeyyyy ^ ^. i missed them.
i wore the same so lazy. it was damn hot that day too. i was going to ask my dad if he wanted to go because i wanted to get out of my stuffy ass house but my boss read my mind when he sent a text asking if i was down to go! lol.
strike! bitches!! (i think) lol
the only thing that kind of sucked that night was that there was a league going on and only 8 lanes were open for the public. pssh. peter L and i had to wait like dumbasses :T
i've finally scored triple digit :)!
i actually scored another 100 too but the picture isn't so clear. my boss scored 181 that night too...he got game...
i need to get myself a is a mix of my shakey hands, the moon, and a lens flare...
and to end my entry, a picture of the downtown skyline from union station at night.

ahh...class starts monday...i'll need to fix my sleeping schedule ASAP. ToT.
i'll be taking...


...also in that semester i'll need to write a stellar personal statement in hopes of transferring to the college of my choice to finish undergrad...i'm like 2-3 years behind everyone else. GAHHH FML.


  1. really nice pictures :)
    i think i should visit LA soon D: pretty place.

  2. you can be moi tour guide :D
    lol yes my friends been telling me i look sooooooo still on camera. I'm super shy on cam D:

  3. Wow, are there a lot of palm trees in LA? It looks 100x busier than sleepy town Ottawa. There's also so many neon signs... which are not very popular here.

    Looks like you had a pretty fun day even though your other friends bailed on you. And at least you took some interesting photos :D