Monday, September 13, 2010

i was scared shitless.

boredom! it is time to archive the week.

well anyhoo, i had the closest call of my life while driving home on thursday evening. on my way home is a series of 2 way stops and as i approached an intersection this stupid 2 door red yaris stops, and then freaking proceeds as i'm coming! i'm in my car like "holy freaking shit" and slammed on the brakes. i was SO SO close to hitting that stupid car. the driver of that car (an oldish asian lady) didn't even bother to look right as i'm stopped inches away from hitting her and just slowly went across the intersection at like 7-8 mph. -______-! god! even if i wouldn't be at fault, i don't want to go through all the stupid ass process of fixing a crumpled up hood and shit. after i got home, i took a breather before gathering the balls to drive out again to buy something to eat for dinner because there's nothing to eat at home sometimes. ugh...

i've also caught another cold because my brother has one -__- so i'm coughing like a haggard old chronic smoker. i hope i get better by monday. i remember last year or maybe even two years ago i had a cold and i coughed really ugly sounding for a couple days to the point that my mom had to take me to a clinic to get a check up because i don't have health mom was such a persistent biatch about going because she was scared i was going to die or something -__-. i believe it was a waste of 40 dollars to go to the doctor and say "i think i have a cold" and "i'm taking nyquil" to the doctor and him saying "keep taking nyquil along with this *bottle of Amoxicillin*" and that was it.

oh how i wish to live in a country with great social benefits. -__- why is the world's richest country so shitty? beh...

futhermore in talking about my health, i went to the dentist for my 3 month check up on friday. in preparation to my visit, i've been flossing before i shower to make it a habit. i'm not sure how long that'll last but i'm still doing it. i also received some financial aid from school and the check was strangely larger than the previous years and i wanted to deposit half of it into my savings while i put the other half in my checking. there wasn't an option for that on the slips so i decided to deposit the whole thing in checking and write a transfer for 500$ into my savings but that was useless because the clerk said i'd have to wait for the checks to go through before i can attempt the transfer. why the fuck didn't i just have him help me instead? well anyway, the money was put into my checking incase i'd have to pay for anything really expensive to fix my teeth and incase i'd have to pay for the cleaning. i told the doctor that the lower left part of my mouth has been sensitive for awhile and hasn't changed much. he inspected my teeth and said that it's been a year since i've been going to his place so i'll be needing new xrays and proceeded to the xray area. i dread that whole process because last time i did it, the plastic thing they make you bite on was placed so far back in my mouth i almost threw up. i was literally gagging. the dentist said that he didn't see anything wrong with my teeth after the xrays, and said it was most likely my gums so i just got cleaned up and he told me to just continue keeping my teeth clean. after i setted up my next checkup with the assistant, i just got the OK to leave and now i just have what i consider alot of money in my checking account. i'll probably rewrite another transfer slip on my next visit along with my next couple paychecks from work...

while i was waiting at the dentist's office waiting to go in, 3 of my coworkers and my boss went to yumcha. boo~ i couldn't go but i don't even like dimsum much anyway. i don't like getting full off bread and sweets.

gah i'm getting lazy. i typed all that last night and it's been 24 hours since. 
i had my first japanese test on thursday and i must say it was quite hard...-__-;

i didn't take this...some kid did but yes! this is how we all should be.

i'll get to the pictures. i have no idea what to say besides that i hate mondays and wednesdays because i have 3 straight back to back classes before i get to come home for about 20 minutes and then go to work.

i look like a stumpy piece of crap in these pictures but i wore this to go bowling last wednesday! i should have been studying but ahh...i did some major cramming when i got home.
got some hats for cold and rainy days.
i ordered a hat from f21 on labor day but i wasn't really satisfied. i  also didn't want to return it because all i'd get is store credit...behhh. i bought the other one from h&m in search of a canvas bag that seems to never be restocked ever again. fml
monster size cup of milk tea!! and some dinner
i need to make a new mural...i've killed so many bugs on namie amuro's face
and here's my fat self with one of my new hats on.
i'm going to have dinner with some friends on thursday! i can't wait!
i'm also considering buying a new cellphone and paying 25$/month for 300 min and unlimited data/text but ehhh...i'm cheap and i don't even use my current phone much but it is so dated. ahh...decisions...

that is all! gnight!


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  2. This sure was one healthrelated post! I always find it weird reading about America's health insurance-system... I live in Belgium, and here we all have health insurance, it's really hard to believe that something so normal for us, isn't in the USA.
    I had to laugh reading this sentence "here's my fat self..." You're not fat, what are you saying! Looking at your shoulders, it seems to me that you have more muscles than fat... :P

  3. Replying to you: How skeptical... But I'm afraid I have to agree with you on this one, based on things I hear on the news and read on the Internet... Hehehe, you're welcome to migrate to Europe, but I guess every country has its flaws...

  4. 40 dollars for a check up... 0.0. We pay nothing in Canada but we have those shitty 13% HST taxed which make everything so expensive :(.

    ... You taking pics of yourself with your camera make me want to go out and buy my own :(. But I gotta save up for my graduation vacation -.-

  5. get well soon peter! get well soon!

  6. Come to Canada and you won't ever have to worry about basic health care. And if you needed something asap and were willing to pay, you could always hop the border back to the States to get what you needed. Best of both worlds :)

    Ps. I'm glad that you're safe! And I like your jacket ^^

  7. hmm it says Geo-magic-brown. My friend told me it was one of the "normal" series. I'm not really knowledgeable when it comes to lenses, I'm working on that !

    "just dry coughing and hacking out yellow flem from my throat nao lol "
    ^ this does not sound like you're getting better! I hope you are getting A LOT of sleep, because it's the BEST cure. THE BEST!

    Ps. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! I somehow "just" saw your outfit pics D:

  8. Have you tried alot of lenses before? Which ones are your favourites? I'm planning to buy more lenses this year :D