Sunday, October 31, 2010


it has been like 3 weeks...wowww. blogging has been the last thing on my mind. it's usually been school work, study, go to work, nap to retain my sanity, exercise, sleep, and more naps to make up for my lack of sleep.

katy perry's song "teenage dream" has finally caught on to me...probably because i've heard it at the bowling alley so many times i haven't watched the music video yet either

i don't really have much to say really...
happy halloween! to those who still celebrate it~ and go vote on tuesday US citizens!

candy for meee ^__^. i always feel weird having people call me mister or sir because i'm not olddd..under my little card with my name said HAPPY HALLOWEEN *heart* KYLE (one of my students) so sweet ^ ^.
i already bought 2 bags of candy for myself to binge on already

since it's my first time going to work on a friday before halloween weekend, i felt the need to dress along with my classroom. sadly, i think i was the only staff member who really put effort into it. other two others SORT OF dressed made like a snail shell out of fabric and the other wore a halo with some wings. I ,on the otherhand, was a newspaper boy/ old, old, old southern redneck/ photographer/ someone from france or england/ or train guy.

continuing on with the halloween's a throwback. ah...~
i got my little cousin one...along with his 4pc nuggets, apple juice, and fries

so anyway, besides being bombarded with schoolwork, work work, and junk. the worst of what i  expected came. my dad was laid off from his job from which he had been working for some maybe twenty or so years. i'm not exactly sure since i find it hard to communicate with my dad half the time, so you can consider me a momma's boy...but that's besides the point. how i feel about it...i don't know...part of me feels sorry for the fact that he has like no direction in life now but to bum out at home and the other me is pissed that he didn't grab other opportunities to work at places closer to home when he had the chance, WITH BENEFITS. what is it about people that makes them so asshole-ish? it's not hard to compare the pros and cons and see what is best for yourself, being loyal to a company isn't really going to help you in situations like these...aii sometimes i don't really see how i'm a spawn of my dad lol...

being the good person/son that i am, i've been giving my mom 400$ a month in cash...or so far i've given her that much. i don't know if i've mentioned that already but yeah...i still have a bit of money left over to put in my checking account so i'm alright. i got a raise anyway and my check is like 100$ more than it was previously.

one of the annoying things about my dad being laid off is that he doesn't really communicate with me, so through my mom i had to print out papers to help my dad claim unemployment benefits while he's "finding a job". the calling process was alright and they mailed this thing that tells you to register for this thing called "caljobs" and the paper said if you need extra assistance to go to the local office to get help registering. since i'm not the one in need of help and my dad is technology retarded i recommended that he should go to the office and then my dad says some shit about like "oh the guy said that if you have a computer at internet at home then you should do it there, because that place is for people without computers" and all i'm thinking is "how the hell is this guy working there and not feeling any guilt for not doing his job? which is to fucking help people get employed again?" he's basically telling me to write a resume for my dad and use the computer to communicate everything for him. as much as i like helping, my brother also exists and doesn't do crap besides sit infront of his own computer and playing stupid ass flash games instead of making effort into finding a part time job for himself. i made my brother help my dad makes his resume and junk since i've done SO much for my own family. i tell my parents that my brother exists too. why the hell do i always have to do everything. how the hell is he going to learn what to do when i'm not around. goddd...

that was like maybe 2 weeks ago from today.
yesterday, i went to work as shown above and all my kids were SO SO cuute. the girls were dressed up atleast, most of my boys weren't besides one. the one who was dressed up was so cute and like economically cute because he was a nerd and his little brother wore his hammy down pirate costume which he looked SO adorable in. when i first saw him i had to pause for a sec to figure out who he was. here's a picture but i covered up their mouths just to uh protect their identities.
so cute! the girl in the back on the left was pacman. pictures doesn't really do them justice because they're so much smaller in person T__T lol
a student took this. not bad! until they started messing around with the dial and switched my lens to manual focus...
initially, i was going to wear some crappy outfit i had from HS from a dance piece i was in but ehh i was like fuck it. since i already have a newsboy cap and some fitting attire, i sought out some suspenders which i went to find the night before but i didn't want to get the walmart ones because the straps were wide as heck and i think they might have been too short. i was going to go to the mall after but i went to target instead and didn't find crap so i went to the mall the next morning before work. i literally got them an hour before work. they're from forever21 for 7.90$ woo! i didn't think they would be at the store because i wasn't sure if the site or the store had inventory first, but it all came together...yey...

there were so many cute kids, i wanted to take a picture with all of them but it didn't happen lol. there was a little batman and he was SO SO cute, and when i asked him why he took it off while helping him finish his work he told me his cape made his neck itchy. the rest of my afternoon consisted of two kindergardeners chatting with me and drawing on the dry erase board...

i can't think of what else i wanted to say..i typed most of this last night...but here are random pictures.
oh...on wednesday night i scored my highest score yet and reminds me that i tried beer for the first time. (heh does that make me a hypocrite? lol) well anyway, to fulfill anyones curiousity, beer basically tastes like some shitty tasteless soda. i don't really see what is so good or fun about drinking it because i found it pretty hard to drink even half my mug. i only drank it because my boss bought a jug (?) for us and i said i'd only drink a little because i didn't want to be some killer.... the rest of my mug was consumed by my boss and an ex coworker of mine. afterwards, i drove home and slept a bit and then studied for my japanese test the next day. i hope i did okay on it...zzz...SO it is safe to assume that anyone that makes beer pong seem like some awesome ass shit is doing just that...making it SEEM like some awesome ass shit.
randomly bought this while buying halloween candy with my target giftcard
little iron man.
it barely fit my big head. well that's it! until next time. さようなら!or is it...じゃまた。。。bye...


  1. I totally got what you were supposed to be without reading what you wrote first, yaY!

    All the kids are adorable but I think Mr.Pirates is my favourite, eeeee!

    & I'm sorry about your dad... :( It's still really hard to find a job and even the one that I have right now is not a permanent one... it's a contract. I hope your dad finds something soon, and good luck to your family. Your family is lucky to have someone as reliable as you to lean on when they're in trouble.

  2. Been missing you!

    Peter you're too cute with the kids! ^.^ They gave you Halloween candy? Seems to me they're liking you very much... Mr. Peter... Too cute!!! ^.^ (but I agree with you being called Mr (or Ms in my case) makes you feel old T.T)

    Ow I'm so sorry about what happened at your home... It's really crappy all these things come to you now, and I know how stupid it is if you can't really seem to communicate with your Dad about these important matters (I used to have issues with talking to my Dad too, he was kind of dominant before, but I guess now I know how to handle him?)

    I really hope everything will fall back into place, so you can just go back to not having to worry over things you shouldn't be worrying over... You're a great person to help out your parents like you do, I admire you!

  3. All is doing well in Belgium! The last two days I've been meeting up with my uni friends (most of them I hadn't seen in at least a month, some even longer!) and I've had a lot of fun! :)

    Thank you for following me! You're great :) Made my day!
    Aw no worries, I love leaving comments, and I'm truly worried when I read things like the above. And eventhough I know it's not really my business, I still want you to be okay :)

  4. like your outfit with the suspenders.