Friday, October 1, 2010

hmmm...hell...we're all assholes in my family.

i've been busy with school, assignments, and work that blogging is the last thing in mind. it is kind of late but i'll see what i can type now and resume the rest afterwork tommorow. i have some homework i want to finish before sunday because i have a test on monday...bleh

i was reminded that i live in hell on monday.

so anyway, i've just taken up a promotion opportunity at my workplace. last night (wednesday), i went bowling with some coworkers and sucked major balls (couldn't score past 3 games) and came to find that i have some emails not checked yet. apparently my friend/coworker sent in her two weeks notice and needs someone to take over her class, even though i said i could totally take over if she were to leave or if it was really needed, i never expected this to happen but ah~ i took it anyway. i'll be getting a raise (an additional 1.25$ on my current wage per hour), but i'll be in charge of a classroom, supplemental (math,english,writing) packets, grades, and progress reports. AHHH i hope i didn't put too much on my plate, but i do feel the need for some change. i've kind of been hating my teacher's aid position since they've changed the format. on the other hand though, i'm a full time student and i really want enough time to do schoolwork as well. bleh...i can do this....(i have no social life anyway)

on wednesday i had no class because it was a pupil free day kind of thing and the sale at cotton on i've been waiting for has finally come back, so i woke up around 11ish to drive to the mall and look around and then come home with some lunch before heading out to work. i managed to get 5 tops for 23$ which i think is pretty awesome.

today (thursday) was pretty alright until i got home from work and my mom said that either my brother, her, or i ran over a nail and was running on a deflating tire. i ate dinner and my dad came home and ate. my mom then called and told my dad the whole thing and as i tried to nap for some energy my dad told me to drive him to my mom's workplace to change the tire with the spare because i was the only one who knew how to get there. if you didn't already know, my mom slaves away at the American Apparel factory for a living to support our family so i had to drive my dad to downtown Los Angeles to do this shit. I've actually complained alot about my parents in the past but i'll bring it up again anyway because we're all stubborn assholes. i do love them but they get on my nerves because they talk to me like i'm stupid and can't think for myself or others...

so i got to the factory parking lot and called my mom to ask her where she parked. i brought my laptop which was loaded with this video and held it outside the factory outlet while waiting for my mother to come out. we then started pulling out all the shit (the jack, screwdriver [?], etc) and thinking that it'd go smoothly it didn't. when i left the house my dad told me to get the waterbottles and flashlight that he left outside. i CLEARLY said my hands are full, grab them on your way out and he apparently either lost it in the car or didn't bring it at all. the jack to crank the car up also didn't go far up enough for us to place the tire with ease, and so my dad started getting all pissed and blaming me for shit like why couldn't i use my laptop to figure out where to place the jack (as if it were the holy bible which had all the answers to everything). i don't have no USB internet shit either. as you can tell, my dad is computer retarded and pretty much electronics retarded. he's like one of those scared of technology people. i don't have a smart phone with data either, so no help there. we already took the tire out and repeatedly kept trying to jack it up in different spots. my retarded dad then tells me to jack the stick behind the brakes (which i did) and my mom saw the car drop down like 5 inches over my shoulder because the jack didn't stay in place. with all the frustration aside, my retarded dad took out the nail that was inside the deflating tire and threw that nail across the lot WHEN the spare was flatter than the punctured tire. he's such a retard! dad hella becomes an asshole when all seems to be lost. i realized that if i could find something thick and flat (like a textbook or phonebook) it'd add some extra height to the jack and we could place it with ease. i kept telling my retarded mom to go inside the factory and ask like an office worker if there was a phonebook she could borrow but she's like "wtf?" and im just there losing my goddamn mind because 2 hours had passed and i was sweating bullets in the damn lot. i remembered that there was this book from the 80s under the drivers seat of maps throughout california. my dad then came with another jack which is from the camry that we took to the lot and i came up with the plan. jack the car up with the other jack (while the car was slouching on this FLAT ASS TIRE that my retarded dad caused), so i could place the book under the other jack and re-jack it back up with extra height. amazingly it worked! but that wasn't the end of it.

as i said before, the tire was even flatter than the tire with the nail (before my stupid, asshole dad took it out). i asked my mom if she had any quarters so we could go find a gas station to fill the dead ass 13 year old spare tire, but she said she didn't carry her coin purse -___-. my dad said to go buy a drink and i assumed he was talking about a vending machine. i asked my mom if there were any but she said no, so i assumed he was talking about the taco truck. my mom and i walked to it and saw that it was closing but my mom had the balls to ask the driver if he could exchange a dollar for some quarters in her fobby english. we got 4 quarters and my mom's lunch break was ending, so i just told her to go back while my dad and i drove the car to a gas station to fill the tire. thank goodness there was a valero nearby with a WORKING air/water pump. my dad's asshole-ness didn't stop at the tire changing either, i kept the emergency blinkers on while driving because i was driving abnormally slow but he insisted that i should turn it off. err...but yes. the tire got filled, i drove back to the factory, parked the car, called my mother to tell her that i filled the tire but when you drive home be careful because i hear a funky clanky noise, and drove my dad and i home with my dirty ass, grimey, sticky hands. the night full of asshole-ness blaming each other back and forth finally came to an end.

all in all (is that the right saying or am i just making shit up?), i guess there is a silver lining behind every cloud (is this one too?). there was the book full of maps that gave the extra height, the taco truck that didn't leave and gave my mom quarters/change for a dollar, the valero, the working air pump. i just need to go to costco and have them either patch or replace the tire because we barely got that replaced from there (either 1 year or about a year ago). errr i need to work tommorow too...guess i can't sleep in.

-edit- and i didn't sleep in because i woke up at 10 to take my mom to costco to have our tires patched. i wasted about 1.5 hours waiting and went back to ask the expected finish time of the fix and all my moms general questions so she could shut the hell up. it was 12 and the expected finish time awas about 2:30 so i made my brother come pick us up, but my mom being the asshole she also is was like I'M NOT LEAVING YOU THINK I'M GOING TO WALK HERE FROM HOME? (which i've done before, it's like a 1.5-2 mile walk). she actually would rather sit around costco for 2-3 more hours. i called her cell because i had work at 1:50ish but she didn't answer when i was done with my pickups. i had to repeatedly call my house to ask if my brother saw my mom come home because costco never called me to say they're done. whatevers...i went to mcd's, then home, ate, and proceeded to work. called my home around 4 to ask my brother if mom ever came by and he said yes, no dinner though because of her stubborn, self righteousness. i had another burger after work and also got one for my dad. heh!....

keep a big textbook or phonebook in the car! it might come in handy.

and now going off on a tangent.

a student asked how old i was and age difference between my little brother and i. i said 21 minus 18 to myself and she was like your 21? you look like your 18...or around there, and i'm like "i know right? U_U"

i arm wrestled this beastly 6th grade girl with my left arm and ended up giving up...god i'm so weak LOL.

i got a 84/100 on my first japanese test! YATTA! it was initially 74 but someone realized that my teacher missed a section and we all got additional points. i got 10 more points since i had everything in that portion correct. whew~

i got a 77% on my first asian religions test...bleh...i did like 3% better than the class average but still bleh...

i thought this was really funny for some reason...mario knock off.
when it was cool...before i was reminded that i live in hell.
wore this to combat the heat + waiting for my hair to grow...zzz
trying to eat even less carbs inorder to lose more body fat....i'm really making an effort instead of complaining this time
very cute and stubby but not very practical cup of milk tea.
okay. it is 4am. i need to sleep. O's october already.


  1. Yes it's October already T.T Thanks for reminding me...

    I had to laugh reading your story about the tire crisis. Your Dad reminds me of mine. Whenever something doesn't go the way he thinks it should go, he gets angry and starts cursing and throwing things (like nails :p). And then he thinks we can read his mind and help him out without him asking... Yeah -___-

    Good luck on your extra teaching classes! You'll do fine :D but try to also take some time off to rest...

    Wow it's still this hot where you live?! (I had to look for how much 111°F was in °C, and I can only say I don't think it has ever in my whole entire life been 44°C where I live... and I'm grateful for it)

  2. whoa! i was just reading your blog earlier and then it grew supar longer when i refreshed! .. or maybe i didn't notice that it was this long to begin with, hah. but it's been awhile since i visited your blog!

    i'm loving your new shirts! i love cheap buys! & congratulations on your promotion/wage increase. i wish i got that much of a raise for my retail job. T_T & YOU, looking good as usual! c:

  3. It's so hot where you are :s

    I think this might be your longest post yet?

    I used to argue a lot with my family too (parents, younger brother) until a a year or two ago. I've always loved and will continue to love them but when you're living together and seeing each others' faces all the time, sometimes it gets a bit too much. Patience levels take a nose dive and you get snappy. But it's awesome to see that despite everything you still care so much for your family <33 Even when you call your brother bratty you do tons for him and bring him to mc'ds, etc.

    Good on you! I really respect that.

  4. Ahh youu shouldn`t eat mcdonald. period.
    everything there is stuffed with calories. including the salads...

  5. eating raw lettuce is just torture T-T