Saturday, October 9, 2010

i sit by myself...talking to the mooooon...

trying to get to yooooou ooh ooh~ in hopes you're on the other side...talking to me too..oh am i a fool? for talking to the moon~~~

...zzz...i really ought to fix my sleeping schedule...i'm starting to like eating salad more and more now...hehe..

i got my case in the mail today for my invisible shield. isn't my wallpaper is so like me?... alone and drinking coffee (as i'm always)
i bought myself a new cellphone on saturday. it's virgin mobile US's first android phone, so i had to hop on it before it was even officially announced. i can't believe i'm still loyal to this prepaid brand. i've been with them since 2007. my parents don't really buy me shit besides food, so i never had a cellphone throughout highschool. i don't know how i survived the embarassment of not having one but after i got my first job, it was one of the first things i bought. i chose virgin mobile because they didn't charge much and gave out free minutes for watching ads which i would just alter the URL and got 5 free minutes everyday...and 3 years later, i've accumulated over 500 bonus minutes. they've discontinued that free minutes program though, so i've been left with that since lol. i don't even talk much, so i paid 5$ a month for 200 texts that i usually never use up fully or go over a week or so early but it was okay.
virgin mobile recently changed their marketing strategy by providing two different prepaid plans, one was what i used and one i switched to, so now i'm on a 25$/month plan (no tax or fees, just 25$ flat) which gives me 300 minutes and unlimited data and texts. i also can finally make my own ringtones after 2 years of not being able to with my slider because virgin wanted to nickle and dime my ass. so yeah! i finally have an android phone, and i love it even if it's a low end android. i welcome myself to circa 2008...when the rise of the smart phone, and now everyone has one.

i have GPS,turn by turn nav, polaroid app, aim, tumblr, fb, and some games my coworker gave me that i can everywhere with me ahh *love*. i guess the only sucky thing is that i use up about 50% of the battery within 24 hours...but it's okay...i've been learning how to not use up battery too'll probably be better once i get bored with the phone. i also don't need an ipod touch anymore...woowoo~

so anyway, there is a student at my workplace who i really admire and adore because she's so young and understanding at the same time. while discussing about her last name with a friend of mine, she informed me that she was adopted which i've always speculated because she didn't really look like she was a halfie and the only other possibility was that she inherited her last name from a step dad. so yep! if i were to have kids, i'd really like kids like her. i think my coworker found out straight from her too because you know? sometimes girls just feel more comfortable telling other girls really secretive and important stuff while i'm just the brother figure she could play with. how admirable...she was adopted from China and i can tell she's going to be a very pretty and strong hearted girl (much like ginger from soompi, who's an adopted korean and just recently got married).

i don't even know why i brought this's probably because some people don't really think about adoption because they feel like they can't love a child that is technically not theirs but i certainly don't feel that way. it's pretty much like how people build strong attachments to their pets, but i shouldn't put that comparison because orphan/kids put up for adoption ARE NOT second class citizens, as are gays, and etc. raising an understanding child like her is SO much easier than a crazy hyperactive child of your own and I, for one, wouldn't feel any different or treat a child that wasn't mine any different than my own. i definitely admire her parent's decision in raising her. i can tell they're very well educated and hard working too because they send her to my workplace to do her school work, so that they can pick her up at a later time and tuition at my place isn't exactly cheap...
and while i'm talking about tuition...i made my day productive yesterday by applying to the CSUs i want to go to next year. applications were 55$/ per school so i blew 110$ applying to CSU LA and Cal Poly Pamona. I applied to CSU LA as a Political Science major with an emphasis on prelegal studies and my backup major would be Urban Learning with a minor in education or something? but yeah, same for Cal Poly but instead of Urban Learning it's Liberal Studies. Now I just need to write up a personal statement by the end of October and submit them to UCLA and USC during early november (that's their submission period) and let fate decide from there...

my dad is on a 10 day "vacation" from work as a measure by his company to save money. hopefully the business is fine...but his moping around home is kind of saddening and bothersome to me...-__-. you should hear my mom rant about him in cantonese. this is my english it's not exact lolol.
-o god, your dad is so dumb. he's had 2-3 opportunities to work closer to home with benefits and yet he still has to stick to working like 20 miles away.
-i don't ask for much, your dad's lucky i didn't leave his ass. no other women would stick with his douchebag ass anyway from the way he behaves and treats me.

i forgot the's been like a week since that...just know it's an emphasis on my dad's ego and douchebaggery. he's why i'm so apprehensive about drinking and junk because it's just not cool since he's such a drunk. as a measure to help my mom and my family, i've been giving my mom 200$ in cash per bank trip...which is about every 4 i'm paying my parents back basically 200$/month which isn't much but it's better than nothing i guess (it's half my paycheck) little brother still doesn't have a job and he goes out late at night more than i do. how lame is that.

So I got one of those "tag" or "awarded" things for being a blog with "substance" but i'll take it anyway.
1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award.
Jenni @
2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words. 

my insanity, anguish, drive, feelings, and life?

i've never really blogged for the sake of having readers really...i've only put my link on soompi for kicks and let people enjoy the things i like also, but i've never really expected feedback. sure, it'd be cool to get free shit to endorse but yeah..i'd probably lose the will to blog that way. it's pretty much solely my diary or...friend that you instant message but never get a reply from. my blog is more for me than anything. i don't really know if i've ever really posted anything closely related to substance or useful advice but yeah...there's a plug for you Jenni. lol.

i will officially be taking over a class of adorable 3rd graders this wednesday...ahh! hopefully i make my boss proud and have a wonderful class to watch over. i bought a 2 bags of chocolates to give out to good kids eventually but i've already eaten alot of the reese's peanut butter cups already LOL. -___-.

yep that's pretty much my recap of the week. random pictures from my phone and whatnot nao.
one of my first couple of pictures with fxcamera app on android ^ ^.
it was a bit 70 deg. F cold...
and then it was rainy!!!
and then it was just cool with no rain...
mall...well...part of a mall.
 kill myself nao. its hot/pretty warm again...btw
k bai.

i see the posting picture option is more user if only i could select multiple pictures at once to upload rather than click one by one -___- ~ holy caca...lots of junk this entry...


  1. Congrats on receiving the award! Eventhough you don't really give advice or anything, your blog does have substance! A lot of it, look at how much text you write everytime :P

    Welcome to 2008-ish! I guess I'm stuck somewhere around 2005, with my limited internet, no mp3-player, no large memory - phone. As long as it functions, I don't want to bother buying a new one, it's way to expensive to change phones while you have a perfectly well functioning one laying around.
    And just like you, I didn't have a phone until I started working during the summerholidays. My parents don't pay anything other than food and clothes, so yeah... I guess we both come from a generation where children weren't spoiled like some are now...

  2. OMG I sound like an old woman... :P

  3. You researched? Wow! ^.^
    The reason why I'm traveling 2 hours every week (2 back AND 2 forth!) is because I choose to go studying almost halfway across the country :) And eventhough Belgium is tiny, it still takes about four hours to travel from one side to the other side of Flanders (upper part, where people speak Dutch, that's where I live)... But I guess you're right when you say trains are pretty well organized here. Even the smaller villages sometimes have their own trainway station.
    Hehehe, I'm not from the countryside! >v<

    Good luck on finding your jacket with straps! I'm sure it would look really nice on you! :D But less than 50$ might be a bit hard to find...

  4. I don't have a smart phone either!! I'm still living in the stone ages, haha. But I don't mind. I just want to save money so I can use it for things I care about more.

    I have a really good plan right now that gives me everything I need for a good price so there's no need to switch over. But if I could get a data plan for a good price I'd switch over to a smart phone too! Your phone looks great! Most people don't really need the newest and greatest anyways!

    I like the pic of you with the glasses and the ripped jeans outfit :)

    Congrats on the tag!

  5. Yeah it was :D! I actually forgot they used that song till you mentioned it. X Japan's known for being a power/speed metal band but they also had some famous ballad songs like Tears, Endless Rain, Forever Love, Say Anything, etc.

    & I loved Windstruck too! My Sassy Girl was actually the very first kmovie I ever watched; a Korean friend showed it to me. Then soon afterwards I watched Windstruck. Love them both ♥

    Haha, yup, no crackberry for me even though R&M is headquartered here. There's actually many BB users especially since a lot of gov't workers are given BBs so you see quite a few people with them.