Sunday, November 21, 2010

난 널~ 널 생각하면 너무 아파 아파 아~파~...

my insides are telling me to blog,  so i am. i never really liked 아파/ It hurts by 2NE1 at first, but it has now infected my mind...gah. I always thought Bom was a creepy looking plastic witch too, but after watching some episodes of 2NE1 tv as i layed in my bed and try to fall views on her have changed, weird to say.

soo on friday, i went to the outlet (or more appropriately, Los Angeles's only shopping outlet) after work. I was off at 4 so I might as well kill some time because I usually get off at 6. I spent almost an hour after work copying stuff for myself...bleh. I also took my brother to the outlet because he said he wanted to go to the mall. I always like to tease my brother and i'm always spot on about the stuff he wants and then i just hella talk shit about it. Well I was spot on about what store he actually wanted to go to, (lids). I haven't gone to the outlet in awhile and since i've read that the newly expanded part has opened, I really wanted to go. I told my brother to go to the outlet instead since they have a lids there too, so he did on the basis that i drive...zzz.

upon arriving, i noticed that a huge christmas tree was up and then i noticed there were some special performers that were going to perform there in the coming month. as i walked more towards the interior of the outlet, i noticed one of the performers was charice! i then spazzed about it on facebook via my phone like a loser lol. well at the outlet we went to lids and since the hats were buy one get one half off, i may as well get one for myself.

sticker on or sticker off? i don't know...but i keep threatening my brother that i'd take off his because one of the reasons why people keep it on is to prove that it is a legitimate 30$ a cap, 2 caps with the BOGO half off = 45$, which would be 22.50 for each of us before tax. not bad, i guess...i never knew how expensive those hats could be. i was like "shit man, i can buy some nice pieces of clothing with 30$"...and if we weren't at the outlet, the retail price is like 33.99$ that's like...4 meals for me/ lunch for almost a week! also when i got home, i wasn't expecting my pacsun package to come because the estimated date was next week. but because i checked the tracking number the day prior and it was in california already, i should have assumed it would show up the next day. i only discovered the bag as i opened the front door to throw out a cardboard box and plastic container into the recycle trashbin and heard a bag drag across the step.

forward to the next day and i find myself going to see charice by myself. so sad...but whatever. i'm not going to be some butt hurt, crying ass bitch about such small things like that.
go to the tumblr for higher resolution pictures.

when i found out about charice's performance, i noticed it was going to be the next day for the tree lighting ceremony. kind of cool that i found out a day prior, but driving to the same place the next day too...blah~ but i didn't have to deal with rush hour traffic like i did on friday. (yey...). i asked my closest friend but she said she had plans depending on the time. i didn't want to depend on her so i said i was going anyway, with or without her. i didn't even want to ask my other friend because she has her boyfriend and junk...and everyone else i know? i don't feel comfortable enough with to ask. i asked my mom if she wanted to watch "that filipino girl" with me too, but she had to work : (. my little brother got guilted into attending some shitty event at UCI so he was out. funny thing about the plans that my closest friend had was the hello kitty exhibit thing in Santa Monica Place? i think and my other friend i didn't bother asking went there but enough of them...more of me...or charice.
listening to charice live is fucking amazing. she sings SO well that it was like listening to a cd lol. she is so sassy and charismatic when she sings, and her adlibs are like the..."yeah bitches this is live!" punches to the audience. i wasn't suprised that the filipinos from the entire county came to see her. all i heard was tagalog beside me as i took pictures. i took alot of pictures but many were like... her hair, her side, her back, or the damn spotlight was on her freaking face and you'd just see a little skinny girl with a white blob on her face and just long brown hair.

charice sang "i love you" (some dance remix of it), "pyramid", a medley of short covers (just dance, party in the USA, and MJ's rock with you), an acapella of justin bieber's "you smile", then she sang beyonce's "halo" hella good, and her final song was "jingle bell rock" which was really good because whenever i think of that song, i just think of the movie 'mean girls' so many songs! and it was free! i didn't even have to pay for parking (unlike the BoA event...she only sang 2 songs...and then it was

the opening celebrity was australia's cody simpson. i think MORE people actually showed up for him than many teeny boppers...ehhh. he actually sounded good live too...but yeah i didn't really pay attention...his song "second chance at love" was catchy...(lol..), he sang some song on the guitar, and sang iyiyi as his last song. there might have been one more song...i don't remember.
i could barely get a clear picture of his face (he's white AND there was the damn spotlight on him). i couldn't get over the fact that i couldn't hear an accent when he spoke. it makes me wonder if he's really from australia...or he was based off some justin bieber formula of being from some developed english speaking country that WASN'T the US or EUROPE and being young as hell, thrown out into industry with some good producers and just gaining massive teeny bopper fame from that lol.

the concert came to an end before i knew it...i was going to leave too because i thought after cody and charice were done, they'd just leave. it turns out that they actually stayed until santa came out and helped turn on the lights to the tree. so i walked around the stage area and then got to the back of it to catch charice finally leave...this was the best i got.
and the tree they lit...
you can find videos of the event on youtube. here's one...

this one is clear...wao.

she's really skinny, very cute, and small.

charice is going to perform at "the grove" for another tree lighting ceremony on sunday @ 730pm also...but that's in west LA...ehhh~it was a great event. i got parking pretty easily, got home quite easily, and didn't pay for or buy anything!

since it is shopping season...i've been running into pretty good deals. ahhhh...some of my purchases since my last entry besides the hat are...
26$ish...cheaper than chucks and ATLEAST HAS PADDING and regular price is 40-50$

while at the outlet to check out other stores beside lids...foreign exchange was a new store there and had a bogo thing. i saw this jacket there and i a reaaally liked it. after i got home, i bought it...*dies*
@ 34.50 + tax...cheaper than an ASOS jacket i bought previously and looks better than some overpriced nike hoodie for
these bowling shoes in black @ 28$ total
and before i sound like i have some sick shopping disease...i did give my mom 300$ in cash from my 730$ or so dollars i made the past 4 weeks (i do this on a regular basis...atleast until my dad can get a stable job until his retirement). i also do keep a set amount of money in my checking and my savings is...alright i guess.

adding to my checklist, i mailed the financial aid and tax forms the CSU's have emailed me about weeks earlier...and typed a paragraph for one of the three UC prompts. i'm SO i'll get there. I WILL. i'm not even sure i'm working next week because this year alot of school kids have the WHOLE WEEK off for thanksgiving opposed to thursday and friday. i'll find out later...

my kids were SOO cute on monday. one of my kids asked me when elizabeth (their former teacher) was going to visit again and i said i didn't know, and then he asked me to text message her asking when she would. i did just
scott was like "what's 'lol'? "...cute...and chic boutique is the name of my class (my workplace is a "town")...which is kind of ironic? or coincidental? because i like fashion and junk. lol. i got another message from a parent because i think one of my students have been lying about her homework and doing the rest at home...ugh. i need to threaten them once i get back. i feel like i'm doing a bad job because i get one like every other week. my coworker asked me how my class was going and i asked her if it was normal and then some other coworkers told me not to worrry about it because they get quite a few too. everyone is so supportive at my workplace...ahh i love em.

one of my students is a 2nd grader while the rest are in 3rd and i mentioned him previously, but this week his mom wrote me a note asking for 15 PREFERABLY 20 supplemental packets for him to work on over the break. all the things that go through my head was "oh...poor guy..." and then i recall his mother saying how she loves to push him to do extra work but holy shit! lol i also feel kind of like i blackmailed my student because i told him to take 3 packets home and then i went into his folder of packets and counted 13 to give to his he has 16 packets total. they aren't easy too because he did most of the math ones lol....i always wondered why he always looked so worn and tired...and i think i know why...he's such a sweet kid though lol (hopefully he doesn't retaliate towards his mother and cuss her out in the future or something for depriving him of his childhood). ideally...i would make him take 5, so he could do one mon-friday and be a kid on the weekend but i don't think i should voice my opinion unless his mother is a business and they do pay for the i have no choice...*sneaky eyes*

so's almost 5am...the sun is going to rise soon...i need sleep.
the rest are random pictures and what i wore junk...lalala.
i bought a red velvet one the day after because i forgot to buy cheese for my bag of salad AND IT WAS SO GOOD.
how do i go to school, go to work, be responsible for my own work, and be responsible for the work of my children at work? this. T___T
hell yes?
waiting for charice....i pushed my ass all the way to there and stood in the rain...i kind of wish i pushed my way forward more lol
was ready for the rain while waiting for charice...and the boots gave me extra height for picture taking =___=
good night.


  1. Oh my, poor kid!! That's freakin brutal :(

    My parents pushed my brother and I when we were younger and in the end we both ended up retaliating. Let the kid have a life :( I love my parents but they used to make us do grade 8 algebra when I was in grade 6 and my lil bro was in grade 4, urggg! The whole summer wasted away doing math and I'm such a retard at math too... I got my brother to do my math problems for me -_-... now he's taking computer science at uni with scholarship money (because luckily he ended up actually liking math). Me on the other hand... ended up taking social sciences because I hated math, lol!

    Anyway. You're lucky you got to listen to Charice live :D Her voice is ah-ma-zing.

  2. Wow the kid really won't have any free time...
    Christmas tree looks great, and good for you you went to see Charice on your own. If no one wants to come with me, I don't mind going somewhere alone either.

  3. I love Charice! Now I want to see her live!
    Sooo much coke O_O You should drink Arizona lol slightly healthier than coke I'm pretty sure.
    I like that cardigan with the 2 stripes!! Actually I just like your outfits in general lol

  4. Awww.. you're so lucky have a chance to see Charice! and I bet the xmas tree is so awesome too..(:

    P.S: you look good, Peter!(:

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  5. Hey, wanted to tell you I really enjoy reading your blog. It's nice reading other's reflections about their day.